Grass-fed protein for stronger muscles

When you exercise hard you demand a lot from your body. So it’s only fair to give it the absolute best in return. Our whey protein contains the perfect formula for your muscles. Perfectly creamy when mixed with water, milk, or your favorite milk alternative. Honestly? It’s just damn good.

This is how it’s done

Each pack is portioned for one shake (30 g of powder). Mix it with 300 ml of water or low-fat milk. First, pour the liquid into the shaker, then add the powder from one whole pack of Whey Protein. Shake well for 20-30 seconds. For best results, take 1-3 servings per daily right after exercise or in the morning.

You want to maximize your results?

All our Whey Proteins are also available in big cans. Find your favorite flavor and treat yourself after every workout to a creamy or fruity milkshake

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