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  • Shape Shake

    For a great figure: Shape Shake

    29.99 €

    • Proteins from the milk of free range grazing cows for a tight body
    • Inulin fibre from the chicory root
    • L-carnitine for body shaping
  • Organic coconut oil

    All-rounder for cuisine & health

    6.99 €

    • High-quality cold-pressed coconut oil
    • 100% certified organic
    • Raw food quality - no artificial additives
  • Organic white chia seeds

    The fitness superfood

    9.99 €

    • Perfectly satisfies your hunger
    • High in fibre and omega-3 fatty acids
    • Organic, vegan, gluten and lactose-free
  • BCAA capsules

    Essential amino acids for muscles

    24.99 €

    • Purely plant-based
    • Made in Germany
    • Vegan capsule shells - no animal gelatine
  • L-carnitine

    Figure training with L-carnitine

    23.99 €

    • To support figure training
    • Premium raw material from Switzerland - Carnipure®
    • Vegan capsule shells - no animal gelatine
  • Choline-inositol

    For body shaping

    19.99 €

    • For more vitality
    • Made in Germany
    • Vegan cellulose capsules - no animal gelatine
  • Shape Caps

    Intelligent figure training aid

    24.99 €

    • L-carnitine for body shaping
    • Garcinia cambogia plant
    • Guarana & green tea as active ingredients
  • Superfood Greens

    The natural detox powder

    19.99 €

    • 6 exquisite superfoods
    • Made in Germany
    • Essential minerals & vitamins
  • Superfood Berries

    The natural antioxidant powder

    19.99 €

    • 6 exquisite superfoods
    • Essential minerals & amino acids
    • Made in Germany

1. Properties of dietary aids

The art of successful weight loss is a constantly recurring topic. It is not only those with a sweet tooth that struggle with near starvation and the yo-yo effect. Most of us can identify with sugar cravings. There are countless diet products and wonder pills on the market that promise fast and effective fat loss. There's a reason they sound too good to be true.

Our nutrition experts have focused on healthy and effective body training and analysed scientific research. Based on this, we have developed premium quality diet aids that can be intelligently used for fitness and nutrition. There is no substitute for targeted exercise and balanced nutrition, of course. But our top quality diet products can help you tone your body in a successful, healthy, long-lasting manner.

2. This is how diet aids work

Our nutrition consultants underline the importance of continued fitness and strength training in addition with a balanced and healthy diet. The foodspring diet aids support the effectiveness of these measures in many ways.

To this end, we offer proteins with raw materials of excellent quality, that don’t just keep you feeling fuller for longer but also protect you from muscle loss during phases of reduced calorie intake. Our capsule products BCAAs, L-carnitine, Shape Caps or choline and inositol work to prevent physical and mental performance fatigue and even the dreaded freezing that occurs during phases of reduced calorie intake.

As well as dietary supplements, we also offer superfoods and foods that supply the body with all the vital nutrients and make a sustained change in diet much easier.

3. The different types of diet supplements

Diet supplements by foodspring have been developed by our experts primarily as intelligent aids that support training. Our diet supplements build on a healthy and balanced diet. If you can maintain a healthy and balanced diet and cleverly combine all the components of successful body toning you will not only achieve long lasting success, you will also feel fitter and healthier.

Shape Shake - intelligent aid for long-lasting toning

Diet supplements by foodspring have been developed by our experts primarily as intelligent aids that support training. Our diet supplements build on a healthy and balanced diet. If you can maintain a healthy and balanced diet and cleverly combine all the components of successful body toning you will not only achieve long lasting success, you will also feel fitter and healthier.

L-carnitine for body toning

With premium Carnipure® we offer the perfect support to shape body contours, irrespective of whether strength or endurance is the focus. L-carnitine helps direct  dietary fats into the powerhouses of the cell, the mitochondria. There they remain available as an additional energy push for workouts - for more motivation and an extra round or two of body toning exercises. Guaranteed.

Shape Caps - diet supplements with guarana extracts and green tea extracts for vitality

Our Shape Caps combine proven ingredients whose effect on body toning has been documented through scientific research. The guarana and green tea extracts are natural energy suppliers and stimulate thermogenesis. Shape caps also contain the amino acid compoundL-carnitine, Q10 and HCA from the natural garcinia cambogia plant - an effective and natural package.

Choline inositol - vitality and performance

The Vitamin B complex from choline and inositol supports vitality and performance in particular and can help protect the nerves in stressful situations as well. Liver function, lipid metabolism and homocysteine metabolism also stand to benefit.

BCAA - muscle protection

Diets are a challenge for the body. It is important to provide alternative resources to the body so that it doesn’t deplete the muscles to make up for the energy deficit. BCAAs effectively prevent muscle loss and are especially important if body toning is done on an empty stomach. For less muscle loss and efficient training.

Coconut oil - the diet alternative

Fat doesn’t always make you fat, it is vital in fact. Even when on a diet. Coconut oil is an amazing source of fat - irrespective of whether the goal is body toning or simply a balanced diet. It is rich in healthy medium-chain fatty acids, very rich and does not create any harmful trans fats when used for frying. foodspring organic coconut oil not only comes in raw quality, it is also fair trade.

Chia seeds in the diet for increased vitality

Chia seeds are not just a trendy food, they are also a very useful diet supplement. As an addition in muesli or salads, for instance, this wonder seedimproves feelings of fullness thanks to its water absorption properties and also provides healthy fats, trace elements and proteins, making it a great option for vegans as well.

Superfood Berries & Superfood Greens

When dissolved in a smoothie or a protein shake, the proven Superfood Powder provides vital vitamins and minerals without any allergens and is low in calories to boot. A special feature: The foodspring Superfood Greens Mix also supports detox programs.

4. Taking diet supplements correctly

Recommendations from our product experts: The intake of diet supplements should primarily becombined with exercise and a balanced diet. These form the foundation of successful and, more importantly, healthy body toning.

The time at which the foodspring diet supplement is consumed is very important for maximum effectiveness in the support it offers. We recommend that the Shape Shake is taken as a meal supplement, for instance as dessert after dinner in order to prevent cravings in the evening. We recommend the intake of BCAAs, choline inositol, Shape Caps or L-carnitine in direct conjunction with fitness regimes. Only then can the ingredients used have their full effect. They are best taken on an empty stomach about 30 - 60 minutes before training. The capsules can be taken first thing in the morning on non-training days. This is when the body is most receptive and can actively use the ingredients. Important consideration with all capsules: They should be taken with plenty of liquids. In general, 2 litres of water or other low-calorie drinks are required during a diet.

Our fitness food diet supplements fit round the clock in a balanced body-conscious diet, while taking the total calorie balance into consideration.

5. Things to watch out for when buying diet supplements online

The diet supplement market is confusing and can be hard for potential buyers to clearly understand. There are a few quality standards, however, that help to quickly differentiate between low quality products and truly helpful diet supplements.

Whether dietary supplements or fitness food: High-quality ingredients form the basis of a premium diet supplement. Food of organic quality and supplements that can be absorbed well by the body, without artificial colour or preservatives, are guaranteed to give your diet a boost.

Apart from the ingredients used, the way they are processed also plays a crucial role. Careful manufacturing processes ensure the availability of important, natural nutrients and increase the efficacy of diet supplements.

Use of diet supplements in a manner that is flexible and suitable for daily life is important in order to be able to integrate them into the diet and exercise regime in the medium and long term. foodspring guarantees responsibly-produced and well-conceived products of the highest quality. We don’t serve up crash diets and empty promises. We support a holistic, healthy and long-lasting approach to body toning.

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