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“100% organic plastic. Better for the environment.”

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100% biodegradable
Plastic made of corn and potato starch
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The dosage spoon for all foodspring protein.

Our dosage spoon measures out exactly 30 g of protein. This is the perfect measurement for your favourite protein shake: Whey protein, Shape Shake, 3K, organic or vegan. Simply scoop the protein up with the spoon, scrape off the excess and put it in the shaker.

Whey Protein

Shape Shake

Organic Protein

Vegan Protein

3K Protein

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is the dosage spoon also suitable for Amino Shakes?

No. Our 30 g dosage spoon ensures the perfect amount of powder for every type of Whey Protein, Shape Shake, 3K, organic and vegan. We do however recommend that you only use 20 g of powder for our Energy Aminos as well as Recovery Aminos. That's why both Amino Shakes come with their very own corresponding dosage spoon.

Organic plastic? Does that really exist?

We couldn't believe it either. That's why we searched long and hard. What we discovered blew us away: Organic plastic made of plant fibres, corn and potato starches. Our spoon is also just as hygienic, easy to clean and as durable as normal plastic. But it can also – when needed – be discarded in an environmentally friendly way. This is simply down to it being biodegradable.

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