Energy Aminos

Energy Aminos

„100% workout booster. 0% chemicals.“

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Plant-based BCAAs.
Plant-based BCAAs
Nourishment for your muscles before any workout.
Caffeine & guarana extract.
Caffeine & guarana extract
Full focus during a workout
Real pepper extract.
Real pepper extract
For optimal nutrient uptake
Free from artificial flavourings.
Free from artificial flavourings
For a natural flavour
Made in Germany.
Made in Germany
Nutrient-friendly and certified production
Description Ingredients

Clean kick or chemicals.
The choice is yours

Our Energy Aminos in comparison
  • Plant-based BCAAs
  • BCAAs isolated from slaughterhouse waste
  • Perfect all-in-one aminos developed by food technologists
  • An amino acid complex straight from the lab
  • Caffeine extract from the popular guarana plant
  • Stimulants with an unsafe effect on the body
  • Real lemon powder and sweetened with steviol glycoside extracted from the stevia plant
  • Artificial flavourings, chemical colourants and sweetened with acesulfame
L-Citrulline (20%), L-leucine (15%), L-arginine (13%), Beta-alanine (13%), acidulant (citric acid), L-isoleucine (7.6%), L-valine (7.6%), lemon fruit powder (maltodextrin, lemon fruit powder) (5.0%), natural flavouring, caffeine, guarana extract (0.67%), sweetener (steviol glycoside), anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), colouring jasmine extract (gardenia jasminoides), pepper extract (0.13%), sunflower oil

Dietary supplement. Amino acid mixture with lemon flavour. With sweetener. Contains caffeine and guarana extract (200 mg caffeine per portion). Not recommended for kids and pregnant women.

Nutritional values per 100 g per 20 g
Energy 1456 kJ / 340 kcal 291 kJ / 68 kcal
Fat 0.4 g 0.1 g
of which saturated fatty acids <0.1 g 0 g
Carbohydrates 10 g 2.0 g
of which are sugar 2.9 g 0.6 g
Protein 44 g 8.8 g
Salt 0.01 g 0.0 g
Amino acids per 100 g per 20 g
L-citrulline 20 g 4.0 g
L-arginine 13 g 2.6 g
Beta alanine 13 g 2.6 g
BCAAs* 30 g 6.1 g
of which:
L-leucine 15 g 3.1 g
L-isoleucine 7.6 g 1.5 g
L-valine 7.6 g 1.5 g
Special ingredients per 100 g per 20 g
Caffeine 1000 mg 200 mg
Pepper extract 130 mg 26 mg
of which piperine 124 mg 25 mg

*Branched chain amino acids 2:1:1 (L-leucine:L-isoleucine:L-valine)


Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep this product out of reach of small children.

May contain traces of gluten, chicken protein and milk (incl. lactose).

Recommended Use

In just 3 steps for more performance.

Add Energy Aminos powder

add 1 measuring spoon of Energy Aminos powder (approx. 20 g) to 400 ml of water.

Shake well

2. Shake well. Until the powder has completely dissolved.


3. Drink. After approx. 20 mins, the Energy Aminos will kick into power. So your workout can start now.

Dosage & Preparation

Dissolve 1 portion (20 g = 1 measuring spoon) in at least 400 ml of water and drink 20 minutes before your workout. A free measuring spoon is included in each tub.

Recommended times

  • Before training
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