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15€for you & your friend

Our Refer Friends programme

foodspring is passion. For your own body and for the best foods of our time. Share this passion with your friends and you get 15€ each to spend on your next order.

  • Excited? Now pass on the good news
  • Invite friends
  • + 15€ 15€ for you and your friend
Who can refer friends?

You have already ordered from us and found the products to be really good? Then show your friends and family what finest fitness food means and give them a 15€. discount on their first order.

How can I refer friends?

You only have to enter the email address of a friend, or even better, several friends under the heading "Refer Friends" in your user account. Your personal link will then be sent to all the friends you have listed. Done.

And what do I get out of it?

We value your recommendation. This is why you will receive 15€ credited to your user account with every new customer you successfully referred. So you and your friend both win. Sounds good to you?

What do I need to know?
  • The credit can only be given through the usage of your personal Refer Friends-link.
  • The link is given in the email which was sent from your customer account to your friend. Otherwise we will not be able to identify your friend as a new customer in our system.
  • Your friend must, for the first time ever, order a package with a minimum order value of 40€. And of course this must be done directly through the foodspring Online Shop.
  • Naming your friend as a referral by email, fax, phone or post after the order has been placed is not possible for technical reasons.
  • If the order of the referred friend is cancelled or remains unpaid, no credit will be given.