Functional Tea Set

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foodspring Functional Tea Set
  • Functional Tea Set
  • Functional Tea Set
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Premium quality
Premium quality
From the finest organic tea gardens
Finest selection of teas icon
The finest selection of teas
The right tea for every time of day
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At home and on the go
Tea indulgence wherever you are
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Perfect gift idea
For real tea lovers
Ingredients in All Day Cleanse Tea
Ingredients: Lemongrass CO*, oolong CO* (12%), green tea CO* (10.5%), pieces of ginger CO*, orange peel CO* (10%), stinging nettle leaves* (8%), moringa leaves CO*, cinnamon bark CO*, turmeric CO* (6%), dandelion CO*, cardamom CO*, tulsi herb CO*, pink pepper CO*, green mate CO*, cornflower blossoms
Ingredients in Evening Relax Tea
Ingredients: Ginger pieces CO*, lemon balm leaves CO*(15%), liquorice root CO*, verbena CO*, orange peel CO*, malva leaves CO* (8%), dandelion CO*, lemongrass CO*, carrot pieces CO*, tulsi herb CO* (3%), coriander CO*, cloves CO*, lavender blossom CO* (1.5%), pink pepper CO*
Ingredients in Morning Energy Tea
Ingredients: Green tea CO* (48%), lemongrass CO*, ginger pieces CO* (8%), lemon peel CO* (8%), elderflower CO*, verbena CO*, guarana seeds CO*, matcha green tea CO* (2%), pink pepper CO*, green mate CO*
*Certified Organic
Every tub is individually filled with 70 g of tea. The amount of tea in every tub can differ because of the different sizes or fruits and herbs in each individual tea. Simply because some of the ingredients take up more or less space than others.

This is how to make the perfect tea.

1 teaspoon of green tea
1 teaspoon of tea.
200 ml water
200 ml water.
Let it steep for five minutes
Infusion time: 2–5 minutes.*
Use hot water heated to 90 degrees
Water temperature: 90–100 °C**
Our tip

Enjoy your tea the way it is. Or add your own personal touch to it. For example, with a splash of lemon. A shot of agave syrup. Or a teaspoon of honey.

Recommended times
  • In the morning
  • Between meals

* Let Morning Energy steep for two minutes, All Day Cleanse & Evening Relax for five minutes.

** Pour 90°C hot water over Morning Energy, and 100°C hot water over All Day Cleanse & Evening Relax.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is so special about your teas?

Each of our teas is hand-sorted with the utmost care. We make sure that only the best types are selected for you. 100% organic quality guarantees you the most incredible flavours and freedom from pesticides. That is what we call the best tea experience.

How does the sieve work?

Even if the sieve is sitting tight: A simple turning motion will help unscrew the sieve from the bottle. It will become easier to screw in and out over time.

Are teabags not more practical?

Tastes vary. Because drinking tea is all about enjoyment, it is important to us that our tea has the right flavour. Loose tea has a distinct advantage over teabags: You can adjust the strength just the way you like it. Aside from that, each teabag that we don't use is one less piece of rubbish that doesn't need to be disposed of.

Can the bottle go in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can wash both the bottle and sieve in the dishwasher. It is better to wash the bamboo lid by hand, so that is maintains its shape and stays in good condition.

Is this tea bottle heat and cold-resistant?

Yes, for normal use around the house, definitely. You can fill boiling water directly into the bottle. You can even go for a stroll in -20°C weather without anything bad happening. Even so, it is probably best to not place it in the freezer.

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