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  • Snack Pack

    Snack yourself fit.

    UVP 21.44 € 16.99 €

    • Protein Bar - Real taste in three delicious varieties
    • Beef Jerky - Protein power that lasts all day
    • Nuts & Berries: Mix of high-quality selection
    • Crunchy Fruits Apple - 100% organic quality
  • Nuts & Berries

    Selected nuts & berries

    4.99 €

    • 100% organic
    • Superfoods, Brazil nuts, Iranian pistachios and more
    • Produced without irradiation
  • Crunchy Fruits

    The dried fruit revolution

    4.99 €

    • Patented vacuum-drying process, maximum vitamin content
    • 100% natural fruit, gently processed
    • No added sugar, no artificial additives
  • Crunchy Veggies

    Crisps for athletes

    4.99 €

    • No artificial additives – 100% tomato and courgette
    • Patented vacuum-drying process, maximised nutrient content
    • No added sugar
  • Protein Bar 12-pack

    The no-nonsense bar

    29.88 € 24.99 €

    • 33% protein per bar
    • Low-carb & high in protein
    • No artificial flavourings
  • CocoWhey 4 Portion Trial Pack

    The isotonic protein drink

    UVP 13.96 € 12.99 €

    • Coconut water from young coconuts
    • Whey isolate from the milk of pasture-raised cows
    • 20 g protein to go
  • Beef Jerky

    Protein boost for muscle building

    3.99 €

    • 100% premium beef
    • Gluten-free, lactose-free, low-carb
    • Contains no sodium salt (MNG) flavour enhancer
  • Protein Porridge

    Breakfast for your muscles

    16.99 €

    • Organic soya protein from regional farms around Lake Constance
    • Quick and easy to prepare
    • 20 g of protein per portion
  • Protein Bar

    The no-nonsense bar

    2.49 €

    • 33% protein per bar
    • Low-carb & high in protein
    • No artificial flavourings
  • CocoWhey 12 Portion Pack

    The isotonic protein drink

    41.88 € 37.99 €

    • Coconut water from young coconuts
    • Whey isolate from the milk of pasture-raised cows
    • 20 g protein to go
  • Organic goji berries

    The daily nutrient kick

    12.99 €

    • Premium goji berries from the Ningxia Highlands
    • Pesticide-free
    • Naturally sun-dried
  • Protein Porridge To Go

    Breakfast for your muscles

    3.19 €

    • Organic soya protein from regional farms around Lake Constance
    • Quick and easy to prepare
    • 20 g of protein per portion
  • CocoWhey

    The isotonic protein drink

    3.49 €

    • Coconut water from young coconuts
    • Whey isolate from the milk of pasture-raised cows
    • 20 g protein to go

What makes healthy fitness snacks so valuable?

Fitness snacks are the perfect accompaniment to an athletic lifestyle and healthy diet. They can be flexibly used at work or on the go, bypass phases of cravings and supply high quality vital nutrients for the mind and body.

Unfortunately, many people reach for quickly available cheat foods such as chocolate bars, fast food or chips because of the hectic pace of life. These highly processed products are purely stimulants that disturb the balance of our body with their high sugar and salt content. They provide “empty” calories, without any nutritional value and do not provide any long lasting feelings of satiety. Healthy fitness snacks have the potential to improve our nutrition with their many positive properties. In order to profit from the excellent components of the snacks, it is important to reach for high quality, natural snacks.

Healthy snacks such as Beef Jerky, Crunchy Fruits or Nuts & Berries are available at any time in ready to eat form and provide a natural energy boost with high quality ingredients and concentrated vitamins and minerals. Only when we have a balanced nutrition can we perform to our maximum. Carefully-selected foodspring dried fruits are dehydrated slowly. This ensures that the nutrients in the fresh fruit are retained in their dried form and available in high concentration. This property makes it a perfect companion for exercise and daily life.

Benefits of healthy fitness snacks

Effects of dry fruits

Carefully processed dry fruits are characterized by their high content of vitamins, trace elements and secondary plant substances. Their low volume makes it possible to consume highly concentrated nutrients from a relatively small quantity and to obtain 100% natural vitamins from it. Through the complex interaction of the respective ingredients in an assortment of fruit, the vitamins contained have an immediate positive effect on the immune system. The phytochemicals are antioxidant and support the immune system by binding free radicals. They also support the digestive system through their abundant supply of fibre. Many berries, for instance sour cherries, have a diuretic effect because of their high potassium content.

Naturally occurring fructose gives the required energy boost when performance dips and helps maintain or reactivate concentration. You will find a detailed overview of the individual ingredients and advantages of foodspring dried fruits in the detailed information tab for each of our products.

Advantages of nuts as a healthy snack

Nuts are especially rich in unsaturated fats and essential fatty acids. The body obtains a large part of its energy from fats by converting them to ATP and making them available for muscle contraction. A functioning fat metabolism and adequate supply of omega-3 (alpha linoleic acid)and omega-6 (linoleic acid) essential fatty acids is fundamental to having a healthy body. These essential fatty acids cannot be produced by the body and need to be obtained from food. This makes Nuts & Berries suitable as healthy fitness snacks.

While omega-6 fatty acids are available in many foods, an adequate supply of omega-3 should especially be ensured for vegetarians and those with a vegan lifestyle. Nuts can support here as a healthy fitness snack: Walnuts are particularly characterized by their high omega-3 fatty acid content with 9 g obtained from 100 g of walnuts. Not all nuts are equal. Their spectrum of effectiveness is as large as their variety. You can find the detailed effectiveness of fitness snacks from foodspring in the detailed information tab of the corresponding product.

The benefits of jerky

Our Beef Jerky is the perfect healthy fitness snack for all those that focus on a protein rich diet. We use the juicy silverside of beef for our sliced jerky. The meat is defatted and trimmed by hand and subsequently air dried. This is how we create a protein rich fitness snack that supplies the muscles with essential amino acids. Apart from this, red meat supplies valuable amounts of iron and creatine.

Checklist - Fitness snacks are healthy because...

  • they support concentration and physical performance.
  • initiate quick recovery after exercise.
  • have a positive effect on immune system and digestive system.
  • keep you feeling full longer.

Healthy fitness snacks, with many benefits for life & sports

These nutrient bombs are not just healthy but also particularly aromatic and delicious because of their careful preparation. This lets you integrate them easily in your daily meal plan. Beef Jerky or Crunchy Fruits make the perfect snack while at work or on the go. Nuts can increase satiety especially in the context of a low carb diet because of their long-chain fatty acids Nuts & Berries are also versatile for use in smoothies. Because of their high fat content, they help absorb fat soluble vitamins in green smoothies. White smoothies provide a wonderful creaminess. Ready to eat, natural nuts and dried fruits are the perfect snack to fit into your daily routine, to counter hunger if there’s nothing healthy available nearby.

How and when are fitness snacks best eaten?

Fitness snacks as a part of your daily life

The use of healthy snacks as a part of daily life is always the optimal alternative to sweets & co. Cravings are satisfied without industrial sugar or unhealthy fats. Our fitness snacks are ready to eat and can be easily consumed at any time.

Fitness snacks support quick recovery

They are particularly suited as a quick post-training snack for athletes. Independent of whether the focus is on muscle building or endurance training, you should supply your body with its first food within 30-45 minutes of exercising so that it can recover optimally and get ready for the next workout. The quality of snacks plays a decisive role here - a mixture of carbohydrates, high quality unsaturated fatty acids and proteins is perfect. A natural mix of nuts and dried fruits provides precisely these nutrients in optimally available form. The carbohydrates contained in it initiate quick recovery. Strawberries, in particular, have high potassium content, that supports restoration of glycogen stores. Nuts provide valuable fatty acids that enable the body to utilize fat soluble vitamins, keeping you satisfied until the next meal. The protein content also comes into play here: The body needs proteins quickly to repair muscle structure and to build new muscles. Long distance runners also benefit from saturated fatty acids and proteins before training as they supply energy during aerobic phases and also when glycogen stores are empty.

What goals can healthy fitness snacks support?

Thanks to their mutually supplementing ingredients, healthy snacks from foodspring are suitable for everyone. They support various goals when used in a purposeful manner. This makes it essential to match the portion sizes to the respective objectives: Those seeking to reduce body fat should enjoy in moderation, those seeking to build muscle can confidently partake.

Fitness snacks can...

  • be used as healthy filling snacks when on a weight loss diet
  • support body building through high quality calories and proteins.
  • promote quick recovery
  • improve concentration

Buying fitness snacks online – what you need to look out for

The variety of fitness snacks does not make decision making easy. The naturalness of products should be the first priority when making a decision to purchase: Industrial sugar, sulphur, separating agents, dough casings, breadcrumb coatings etc. have no place on the ingredient list. Only the individual ingredients should be listed there. Short memory aid: A shorter ingredient list indicates a more natural product.

Do take a look at the processing methods used for fruit, especially in nut and berry mixes. Air drying and low temperatures yield the highest quality and optimal nutrient content. Certified organic products also guarantee that no chemicals were used during the production process - for highest purity and quality.

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