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6 Unexpected Benefits of Eating Strawberries

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We’re in the middle of peak strawberry season right now – and that’s a real mood booster. After all, those small, delicious, red berries are the perfect pick-me-up – and not just on hot summer days. They can also be used in many different ways in the kitchen, not only as a small snack between meals, but also in actual recipes. Strawberries are the perfect ingredient for healthy cakes, pies, smoothies and salads, they can be blended into drinks and, of course, they are the perfect topping when it comes to muesli, porridge and other cereals.

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#1 They are Low in Calories

Strawberries have a reputation as a slimming aid and there’s actually some truth to that. Even if you’re scrupulous about your diet, you can reach for these berries with a clear conscience. Did you know they are 90 percent water and contain just 32 calories per 100 grams. So it doesn’t matter if you eat a few more whenever you feel like it.

#2 They Fill You Up Quickly

Strawberries have few calories, but at the same time they quickly make you feel full. The reason for this is dietary fiber, of course, which is known as both a swelling and a filling agent that will fill you up for a long time, and it’s very beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract. This slows down digestion and prevents blood sugar levels from rising quickly – the perfect way to prevent cravings.

#3 They are Rich in Vitamin C

Strawberries’ reputation is based on solid fact. These invigorating berries may not be big, but they are packed with plenty of healthy ingredients. And this fact may amaze you: these miniature red powerhouses contain even more vitamin C than oranges, with around 59 milligrams per 100 grams. This means that treating yourself to a bowl of strawberries will cover the daily requirement for adults.

Strictly speaking, by the way, the strawberry is not a berry at all – in botanical terms it’s an “accessory fruit”. But it usually tends to fall into the berry category. And if you like its taste, you’ll definitely like our Whey Protein in strawberry flavor. A delicious shake that will provide your muscles with the protein they need after a good workout.

#4 They Contain Secondary Plant Compounds

In addition to vitamin C, strawberries are also rich in vitamin B1, vitamin K and folic acid, as well as minerals – especially zinc, copper and manganese. What’s also significant is that these popular berries contain secondary plant compounds from the polyphenol group.

#5 They are Suitable for Diabetics

You’ve probably heard of the glycemic index and the value for strawberries is relatively low at around 30 to 40. That’s because their carbohydrates are almost 50 percent fructose, which means that – as we’ve already mentioned – blood sugar levels do not rise as quickly as with other foods. That’s why strawberries are also known as a good fruit if you’re diabetic. However, you should always discuss what you can eat and how much with your doctor beforehand – after all, every body reacts individually.

#6 They have Edible Leaves

Many people don’t realize that strawberry leaves are completely safe to eat. Whether they actually taste good remains to be seen, but we much prefer to use them as an ingredient for tea anyway. To do this, start by washing the leaves, then pour hot water over about a handful of them and allow to infuse for about ten minutes. Your stomach and intestines will benefit from the tannins they contain.

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