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The Surprising Effect Even the Easiest Workouts Have on Your Memory

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Have I left the light on? Is the window closed? And where are my keys? In our hectic everyday lives, we all have a lot on our plate, and it can be hard to remember some things. Sound familiar? It sure does to us, which is why we don’t want to deprive you of the results of a study conducted by the University of California – Irvine! Researchers found out how you can instantly improve your brain’s memory function and make your everyday life a lot more relaxed. You can train your memory without much effort. Does the idea of not having to search for your keys all the time intrigue you? We’ll tell you the results of the study.

The instant effect: this is how you can improve your memory

The researchers concluded that just a few minutes of light exercise can help improve your brain’s memory function.

Wondering how that works? According to the study, this effect, put simply, is due to the fact that different areas of your brain work better together even after a short period of physical activity. To find out, the activity of young adults’ brains was measured using a functional MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan after 10 minutes of light exercise. The researchers found that areas of the brain responsible for processing and storing memories (the dentate gyrus, part of the hippocampus, and areas of the cerebral cortex) were better connected after exercise.

The improved communication of these different brain areas suggests an increase in memory.

What the experts say

Project leader and director of the UCI Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory Michael Yassa explains “The hippocampus plays a crucial role in creating new memories. It is also one of the areas of our brain that loses functionality most rapidly as we age. Improving this functionality may hold promise for improved memory in everyday life.

You may have heard of studies showing that exercise can help create new neurons in your brain. This, however, takes time. Yassa therefore emphasizes that this study refers specifically to the immediate effect you can benefit from right after your exercise session. He also mentions a walk as a way to improve your memory and cognitive skills. We’ll tell you what other positive effects a walk can have.

This is what you can do

Got a packed daily routine and wondering what a light 10-minute exercise session can look like? No problem. We’ve got some ideas for you, plus the perfect way to boost not only your memory, but also your physical performance. Our Daily Vitamins support you in this** and provide you with fruits and vegetables in capsule form. The perfect support for your everyday life. For example, try these:

  • Yoga

For a relaxing yoga session, you don’t necessarily have to go all the way to a studio for a class. You can easily do these 9 yoga exercises at home on your mat and you’re guaranteed to feel more refreshed and powerful after just 10 minutes.

  • Walking

We’ve already told you to go for a walk, but since it’s so simple and so effective, it deserves to be mentioned twice.

  • Tai Chi

Tai chi is also consider by researchers as a way to immediately improve your cognitive performance.

  • Morning stretches

…aren’t just for the morning. We show you 6 stretches that you can do at any time.

  • Freestyle

Dancing, jumping rope, walking… there are numerous ways you can exercise and train your memory. What kind of exercise you choose is up to you! The main thing is to do it and have fun. You’ll never misplace your keys again!

More things to know from foodspring:

* Pantothenic acid contributes to normal mental performance.

** Vitamin C contributes to a reduction of fatigue and tiredness. Vitamin D contributes to normal muscle function. Vitamin B12 contributes to a reduction in fatigue and tiredness.

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