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15 Celebratory Recipes to Ring in the New Year

Cenone di Capodanno
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The year is drawing to a close, 2022 is almost upon us, and once again we’re asking ourselves: What will we serve this New Year’s Eve? Sure, we could settle for fondue or roasted ham, the usual classics. But every now and then it’s nice to have a little variety and give it your culinary all right before the end of the year. So why not depart from the traditional, get creative, and try something completely new?

Ring in the new year with your guests happy and just full enough with these hand-picked New Year’s Eve recipes for your party. And of course, we’ve taken care of all the courses. There are ideas for appetizers, main courses, desserts, and snacks to get you cooking up a storm. Now you’re just spoiled for choice! And while you’re deciding on this year’s menu, why not curl up with a Pumpkin Spice Latte?

New Year’s Eve Recipes: Appetizers

#1 Beet Soup

Beet is perfect for New Year’s Eve because this colorful superfood is also a versatile culinary superstar. Blended into a soup with creamy cashew swirl, the beet is always an appetizer hit. But it’s best to serve up just a small bowl of it because it can be quite filling. And you want to leave room for the main course and dessert! To make it even more eye-catching, try garnishing your beet soup with your favorite herbs.

two dark bowls filled with bright pink beet soup and garnished with nuts, microcreens, and a cashew-cream swirl

#2 Pink Couscous Salad

Speaking of beetroot: together with baby spinach and parsnips, it’s the surprise ingredient for a special kind of couscous salad. It’s also light and fresh – so it’s the perfect starter, as well as tasty and dazzling on the plate. Why not think pink this New Year?

Two speckled white plates hold a pink couscous salad peppered with bright white cheese crumbles and green and orange vegetables.

#3 Vegan Sushi Salad

One last stunning starter! Served in a jar, this vegan sushi salad just looks amazing, and flavorful too. This stacked recipe has sushi rice, tofu, avocado, arugula, seaweed, and carrots, among other colorful ingredients. It’s an exciting mix that’s perfect for more than just a New Year’s appetizer.

Sushi Salad in a glass

New Year’s Recipes for Main Dishes

#1 Vegan Mac and Cheese

If we’re going to skip fondue on New Year’s Eve this year, at least we have to have some cheese for the main course  – vegan cheese! Not quite convinced? Let us show you how super creamy and plant-based delicious our mac-and-cheese alternative really is! And best of all, you can enjoy it with your guests without destroying your nutrition plan, because this recipe is packed with protein and much lower in fat.

A black baking dish of vegan mac and cheese topped with breadcrumbs and a wooden spoon sticking into it, next to a bag of Protein Pasta.

#2 Mushroom Bourguignon

The name alone – Mushroom Bourguignon – makes a statement. However, this modified traditional French dish is just as deeply hearty and satisfying with only plant-based ingredients! The dish can be easily modified for New Year’s Eve so the traditional goulash, which can be quite heavy, becomes a hearty, vegan version with our Protein Pasta. With this you’ll feel satisfied without landing in a food coma, so you’ll definitely have enough energy to dance into the new year.

A plate of mushroom bourguignon accompanied by Protein Pasta and a topping of microgreens

#3 Quiche Lorraine

Meet quiche lorraine. It might not sound like it, but this French specialty is a great party dish. A savory quiche with cheese, ham, and leeks, it tastes great both warm and cold, so you can bring it back out and snack on it late at night. To make your dinner complete, serve your homemade quiche with a salad, like this wintertime classic with kale and apples.

A protein-packed Quiche Lorraine is one of many ideal new year's recipes. This one is topped with chunks of ham, leeks, and chives.

Dessert New Year’s Recipes

#1 Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Of course, it wouldn’t be New Year’s Eve without something sweet. And what makes foodie hearts skip a beat? Of course, the classic, chocolate mousse! We’ve modified this chocolate dream a bit with our Hazelnut Protein Cream and a touch of coffee liqueur, giving it a unique flavor your guests are sure to love.

Two bowls of vegan chocolate mousse sit on a plate. Each is topped with a dollop of cream and chocolate shavings. Next to the plate are displayed a jar of Vegan Protein Cream and a bottle of Lyre's Coffee Originale.

#2 Vegan Matcha Tiramisu

Putting a spin on a tiramisu is easy with matcha! This green tea powder adds a kick to our latte macchiatos already, so why not experiment a little on a dessert? Our superfood version of the Italian dessert gets its very own herby note from the matcha on top of an almond-like flavor. By the way, this light and creamy dessert is completely vegan and doesn’t need any refined sugar.

A glass full of layers of vegan matcha tiramisu, alternating between chocolatey brown, white yogurt, and green matcha-yogurt.

#3 Battered Protein Apple Rings

All that’s really missing now for dessert on New Year’s Eve is something with fruit – and that’s where our apple rings come in. The high-protein and fruity dessert, with its combo of apples, a tasty Pancake coating, and a vanilla sauce, is quick to prepare and sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

a stack of battered apple rings drizzled with creamy white vanilla sauce

Finger Food for New Year’s Eve

#1 Falafel Skewers

This New Year’s Eve recipe is perfect for snacking as the last few hours of the year go by. Skewers with falafel are so much better than a bowl of greasy chips! They’re fresh and savory, and have the perfect crunch and chic look on the buffet table. Serve with a generous portion of hummus for dipping!

A tray of falafel skewers each topped with a slice of cucumber and a black olive.

#2 Gluten-Free Pizza Twists

We’ve all been there: the evening is taking its course, you may have already had a glass or two of champagne and danced for an hour or so in your living room. And suddenly your stomach starts to growl. What better answer to your snack cravings than delicious hearty pizza twists? Thanks to this vegan recipe, they’re even wheat-free and purely plant-based. Yummy!

A baking sheet of pizza roll-ups dripping with melted cheese.

#3 Smoked Salmon Blinis

These chic blinis with salmon and caviar will impress your guests with their sleek presentation, but they are also super delicious. These small bites are easy to prepare for New Year’s Eve thanks to our baking mix and there is no long list of ingredients. So don’t miss out on this pretty snack with fluffy pancakes!

An off-white plate holds blinis topped with a dash of sour cream, a bite of smoked salmon, a pinch of caviar, and a spriglet of dill. One of many new year's recipes to impress your guests or yourself.

Cocktail Recipes

#1 Protein Pina Colada

A pina colada is all it takes to get us into a summer mood in the middle of winter. After all, the cocktail reminds us of the sun, the beach, and the ocean. Its creamy texture also makes it a good fit for the cold season and so it’s one of our go-to drinks for New Year’s Eve. Our version is with a non-alcoholic rum, but of course that can be changed depending on your mood.

A pineapple sits next to a package of CocoWhey drink, a bottle of Lyre's White Cane Spirit, and a glass of Protein Pina Colada

#2 Raspberry Mojito Mocktail

A pina colada is a little too sweet for you? Then this raspberry mojito with sugar-free syrup might do the trick. It tastes especially fruity, is perfectly refreshing and a great drink to toast with. It doesn’t have to be a glass of champagne at midnight, does it? This is originally a non-alcoholic cocktail, but there’s always room to customize it!

two glasses of raspberry- and mint-leaf-topped raspberry mojito cocktail on a fake marble countertop

#3 Peach Kombucha Basil Lemonade

Kombucha has been a trend for a while now, and with this New Year’s Eve recipe, it’ll be a conversation starter at your dinner party as well! This high-protein, low-sugar lemonade has kombucha as well as peach and basil, so it’s tasty and healthy! The perfect thirst quencher for when you’re munching on pizza twists and falafel.

peach kombucha basil lemonade in a pitcher and two glasses garnished with peach slices and basil leaves

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