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10 Best-Ever Recipes for Bulking Up Faster

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Anyone who wants to build muscle quickly and effectively knows that properly combining strength training and a high protein diet is an absolute must. But of course, there’s much more to it than that. The keyword is hypertrophy. This involves a growth in thickness or an enlargement of individual muscle fibers. However, the only way to increase volume is to load the muscles more – i.e. push them beyond their normal performance level. No growth without training stimuli This requires continuity and perseverance.

As well as getting your training right, you also need to look at your diet. Protein is like the building blocks of your muscles; you need to be aware that it’s simply not possible to build muscle quickly if you don’t incorporate enough protein into your diet plan. By the way, if you want to bulk up fast and in a natural, healthy manner, you should aim for a calorie surplus of between around 300 and 500 calories. Here you can calculate your individual calorie requirement. Once you know your energy needs, all you need are the right recipes, so here are our favorites for building muscle fast.

High Protein Recipes For Building Muscle

#1 Turkey Meatballs with Herbs

a bowl of turkey meatballs with harissa tomato sauce, rice and rocket

If you’re looking to eat a diet that’s rich in protein, turkey is an absolute classic. Since we like to try something new, this recipe mixes things up and comes in the form of balls. It contains herbs and spices, such as coriander and cumin, to take the flavor to the next level, along with tomato sauce with spicy harissa.

By the way, the secret star of this dish is our Instant Oats, which is an essential ingredient for the balls. It contains lots of complex carbohydrates, which are a valuable source of energy for building mass.

#2 Crispy Fish Burgers

crispy fish burgers on a pink plate

When it comes to burgers in restaurants, things can get pretty critical, since they’re usually high on calories but low on nutrients. Instead of relying on ready-made fast food, we prefer DIY. And that means a healthy and protein-packed dish topped with a homemade tartar sauce. A recipe like this makes building muscle fun.

#3 Beef Eggplant Burger

two beef and eggplant burgers on a plate

Not a fish fan? No problem, because we have the right recipe for every taste. While we’re on the subject of burgers and building muscle fast, we’d like to recommend this option to you. The combo of beef and eggplant is an absolute foodie match and super juicy.

#4 Garlic Ginger Salmon

Garlic ginger salmon with fried rice

When it comes to protein-rich foods, salmon is also a classic. If you want to build muscle fast, we recommend this dish, where the fish is enriched with garlic and ginger. You don’t want to miss out on a side, of course, so fried cauliflower rice is the perfect way to round off the whole thing.

#5 Salmon with a Herb Crust

two bowls of parsley-crusted salmon with crushed new potatoes and peas

If you’re looking for something different, you can’t go wrong with this recipe. The fish fillet is encased in a delightful herb crust that combines parsley, mustard, and lemon zest with our Instant Oats. Serve this protein bomb with mashed potatoes – that’s how tasty it can be to build muscle fast.

#6 Peanut Butter Chicken Ramen

peanut butter chicken ramen in a bowl with an egg

If you like variety in your food, this recipe is right up your alley. This is a hot and spicy Japanese noodle soup that contains ramen, peanut butter and chicken. It’s very filling, so it’s ideal for dinner after training – simply sit back and enjoy.

#9 Protein Truffles

peanut pretzel coffee protein truffles on a tray

If you work hard to achieve your training goals, you of course deserve a reward. And we have the perfect recipe for that too! This sweet snack is made with peanuts, coffee, and pretzels for a post-workout energy boost that’s guaranteed to leave you in a good mood.

#10 Brownie Cookies

brownie cookies on a tray

Let’s put an end to the myth that you can’t indulge in cookies while building muscle. Quite the contrary, in fact. This recipe shows how exciting your diet can be during this fitness phase. We use it to conjure up a mix of brownie and cookies that tastes sinful, but isn’t. One reason for this is the Protein Brownie mix – without added sugar, but with five times more protein than conventional products.

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