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Strong through the day: 12 recipes to help you build muscle

in einer bowl angerichteter gesunder papaya salat
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Effective muscle building requires the right mindset, a targeted workout program, and, of course, a suitable nutrition plan. But what exactly should be on your plate to strengthen both mind and body? One important aspect is, of course, protein. The body’s need for protein increases when we go into intensive training. And that’s why we should make sure that we always get enough supply of complex proteins to build up muscles in the long term.

Furthermore, healthy fats, which are kept moderate of course, and complex carbohydrates play a major role. Did you already know? The former have a hand in the release of growth hormones for muscle building. The latter, on the other hand, are like fuel if you train a lot and extensively. Now you just have to find the ideal recipes to meet the requirements. And we’ve picked out a few for you that are easy to prepare and super delicious. In addition to the dishes can support you our muscle building package Pro, with which you achieve quick results.

#1 Vegan Frozen Yogurt Breakfast Bar

A different kind of breakfast! If you usually like to treat yourself to porridge or pancakes in the morning, try giving these vegan bars a try. They’re like a portable breakfast bowl! Perfect for when you’re in a hurry.

Vegan Frozen Yogurt Breakfast Bar

#2 Heidelbeer Smoothie Bowl

Chiapudding trifft auf Heidelbeer-Smoothie. Und einige Extras wie Kiwis, Granola und Kokoschips sind optional auch noch mit dabei. Somit wird dieses Rezept zu einem absoluten Fest für den Gaumen und fürs Auge. Denn die farbenfrohe Bowl mit Matcha-Pulver ist zweifelsfrei ein Eyecatcher.

Blueberry Matcha Smoothie Bowl

#3 Salty Protein Pancakes

Do you prefer savory dishes for breakfast? Then the salty version of pancakes is exactly the right choice. In this recipe for muscle building, you can look forward to a delicious combination of soy, liquid smoke, dill and nori leaves.

Savory Protein Pancakes with Vegan Salmon

#4 Vegan Teriyaki Bowl

Are you a fan of Japanese cuisine? Then you’ll have a lot of fun trying out this dish. The highlight: Instead of crispy chicken, homemade meatballs made from beans are used here.

Vegan Teriyaki Meatball Bowl

#5 Protein Pasta with Oven-Baked Vegan Feta & Bell Pepper Sauce

Of course, a good pasta should not be missing from our weekly menu. But with muscle building in mind, it shouldn’t be just any pasta. That’s why we rely on our protein pasta, which bathes in an outstanding paprika sauce in this recipe.

Protein Pasta with Oven-Baked Vegan Feta & Bell Pepper Sauce

#6 Vegan Falafel Bowl

Ever made falafel yourself? In fact, it’s not as hard as you might imagine. And to get the protein supply right, add some of our Vegan Protein Neutral to the chickpeas, peas, tahini, garlic, parsley and lemon juice.

Vegan Falafel Bowl

#7 Lemony Pumpkin Focaccia

When hunger strikes in between meals, this fluffy focaccia comes in handy. And it’s less traditional and more of a culinary experiment. This is partly due to the Hokkaido pumpkin, which guarantees a special flavor.

Lemony Pumpkin Focaccia

#8 Muhammara

And another spread that will take you to foodie heaven. This spicy seasoning paste from Arabic cuisine is a must-eat, plus it’s vegan, gluten-free and high in protein. By the way, it’s perfect to add to a wrap of your choice.


#9 Japanese Katsu Sando

If you haven’t heard of Katsu Sando yet, you should definitely give it a try. And this recipe for muscle building is the ideal way to do it. The Japanese sandwich offers a great taste experience with red cabbage, celery, soy sauce and co.

Japanese Katsu Sando Sandwich

#10 Chocolate Avocado Mousse Cups

How to turn avocado pulp into a delicious chocolate mousse? This recipe, with which you can eat without a guilty conscience, tells you. And our Vegan Protein Balls provide the perfect base.

Chocolate Avocado Mousse Cups

#11 Vegan Blueberry Cake with Yuzu Juice

Now we take our blueberry pie to the next level – namely with yuzu. The citrus fruit from Japan brings a very intense aroma, tastes slightly sour, but also has a sweet and a bitter note.

Vegan Blueberry Cake with Yuzu Juice

#12 High-Protein Red Velvet Pralines

A snack couldn’t look any classier. Protein-rich energy balls, which immediately catch the eye thanks to red food coloring, are hidden under the garb of chic chocolates.

High-Protein Red Velvet Pralines

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