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The perfect summer fitness routine

Summer is just around the corner, and with it packed weekends, vacations and lots of time that we’d prefer to spend by a lake or in a beer garden. We take a break from our usual routines and this change can often be very good for us. What quickly loses priority, unfortunately, is regular training. Of course, we’d all rather spend a warm summer’s evening with friends in the park than in a stuffy gym! But thankfully, we don’t have to choose between one or the other. To help you avoid losing your stride with your fitness routine this summer and ensure you’re still able to fully enjoy the warm season and all its benefits, we’re sharing our best tips for combining the two with you here.

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#1 Keep flexible

The seasons change and it’s OK to adapt your workouts to suit them. You don’t have to exercise the same way all year round, nor should you. Flexibility means you can adjust your workout routine, because variety is not only good for your motivation, but for your body as well. With the right equipment, such as resistance bands, you can move your strength training out of the gym. Or you can also try something new. Water sports are an option on especially warm days. Have you ever tried standup paddleboarding? Or do you prefer to cool off by swimming? Your options are endless — seize the opportunity to try different things.

#2 Better to do a short workout than not at all

During the summer, we travel a lot more, meet with friends, and want to enjoy the sun, all while still having to take care of all the everyday things we have to do on the side. As a result, there is often little time left for a training session. The solution can be a short but effective workout, that’s best done at home or, better yet, in the fresh air. If you’re need of inspiration and ideas, you can find our outdoor bodyweight training program here.

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#3 Try early-morning exercise

One of summer’s many benefits is definitely the early sunrise. We are more energetic in the morning and start the day with more motivation. Is it the same for you? Then use this energy to do your workout in the morning. Admittedly, it may not be easy to start with, but it’s worth it. It also helps you escape the heat and make your workout more effective.

#4 Don’t neglect your protein intake

An ice cream here, a cool drink there and, of course, French fries by the pool: our diet is often different in the summer from the rest of the year. But you shouldn’t forget to provide your muscles with enough protein*. If your appetite is smaller in the heat, a whey protein shake can be the perfect solution, especially if it tastes fruity and light like lemonade. Our Clear Whey is the perfect summer version of our classic whey protein shake and will refresh you after your workout.

#5 Find your training buddy

We like to use the good weather to see people and meet up with friends again. And it should stay that way! However, it’s quite easy to combine your workout with a meet-up with friends: look for a sports activity that everyone enjoys, or meet up in the park for an outdoor workout. Afterwards, you’ll have earned a cool drink that tastes a lot better when you enjoy it with friends. These 9 refreshing summer drinks are perfect for this.

#6 Change your focus

If strength training in the gym is not your thing in the summer, try focusing on your endurance and reduce your gym visits. You can do this by jogging in the fresh air or swimming in cool water. Alternatively, you can focus on more mobility and/or yoga sessions. You won’t sweat as much, but they are no less effective. Quite the contrary! Yoga can even help you take your workout to a new level at the gym. Once summer is over, you can impress others at the gym with your new skills.

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*Proteins contribute toward an increase in muscle mass.

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