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Irresistible types of ice cream and all the recipes you need

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Surviving summer without ice cream? Practically unthinkable. So naturally, we’re treating ourselves to as many types of ice cream as we can this summer. To help you enjoy it all and keep you feeling your best, we’ll give you the scoop (get it?) on a few ice cream recipes that show ice cream can be so different than just a sugar bomb.

Jump into summer with a variety of ice creams

As the days get longer and sunnier, we start to crave lighter foods to keep us feeling active. Nowadays there are countless ice cream variations and trends popping up everywhere. Whether it’s cookie dough, caramel cores, marshmallows, matcha, or basil – the creamy frozen dessert is always reinventing itself with different flavors, new toppings, and extra ingredients. Never a dull moment!

There’s something to be said for the classics, too. Who can resist a great scoop of chocolate, pistachio, strawberry, or vanilla ice cream? No matter what your favorite flavor, ice cream remains a beloved snack and a welcome way to cool down on hot days. The average person in the UK goes through nine liters of the stuff in a year. That’s not all, though – did you know that people in Scotland and Northern Ireland eat more ice cream on average than those in England and Wales?

There are so many types of ice cream out there, varying not only in taste, but also in texture and ingredients. So what different takes are there to try?

Let’s start with the classic frozen custard, which owes its creamy texture to containing eggs and at least 50 percent milk. A lot of ice cream is made with around 18 percent milk fat. However, some ice cream contains at least 70 percent whole milk, and some ice creams use other milk and dairy products such as yogurt or kefir.

Then there’s sherbet, which has a double-digit fruit content – strawberry sherbet, for example, is at least 20 percent strawberry. Not to be confused with sorbet, which has no milk or dairy, but a slightly higher fruit content. And last but not least, of course, we can’t forget popsicles, a childhood favorite. These are very different from the other types of ice cream in their texture and fat content (which is less than three percent).

Our tip: Bye-bye, sugar bombs! We prefer to treat ourselves to a summer cool-down with a snack that’s great for our muscles.

Recipes: Healthy ice cream flavors for every palate

Naturally, flavor is the key factor for a memorable ice cream. But more and more fans are placing great value on their ice cream’s quality and origin. Keep in mind, though, that what’s in the product isn’t always exactly what’s on the label. For traditional ice cream, promises such as “made from scratch” and “homemade” have no legal binding. Even ice cream shops can mix their ice creams from ready-made powder in-house and still get away with calling it homemade.

Our favorite flavors are often packed with calories, sugar, and fat. But they don’t have to be! If you want to play it safe, try making your own ice cream this summer. We promise: The healthy alternatives taste at least as good. Plus, it’s fun to create your very own ice creams. Looking for inspiration? We have some great recipes for you here.

Peanut & Banana

If you like peanut butter, you’ll love this vegan nice cream, combining tasty peanuts and banana sweetness – it’s a real feast for the tastebuds. Plus, it’s sugar-free and low in calories!

a photo of bananas next to two containers of banana-peanut butter nice cream
Go bananas

Chocolate & Peanut Butter

Chocolate ice cream can also be sugar-free without sacrificing taste. Peanut butter and chocolate are a dream team and make this a summer highlight.

A rectangular pan of chocolate-peanut butter protein ice cream
Dive into chocolate enjoyment


Who knew a protein shake could come on a stick? Sounds unconventional, but it’s pretty tasty. These hazelnut-flavored treats are not only refreshing, but also a great dessert. Stick a caramel or raspberry Whey Protein in there instead if you’d prefer!

a trio of hazelnut protein popsicles drizzled with dark chocolate and topped with chopped hazelnuts
Get chilly

Blueberry & Coconut

It’s sweet. It’s light. This refreshing flavor is the closest you can get to taking a dive in the pool. The blueberry-coconut combo is the perfect duo and brings vacation vibes along for the ride.

A white plastic food storage container holds a batch of blueberry coconut protein ice cream. An ice cream scoop is resting on the corner of the tub, with one rounded scoop sitting on the surface of the ice cream. The purple-blue swirls of blueberry are a delicious contrast against the white coconut ice cream.
Start freezing now

Coconut & Pineapple

The carefree taste of summer: With these tropical pops, cravings don’t stand a chance. They’re creamy, fruity and even protein-packed – everything you need for the perfect snack.

Coconut and pineapple ice cream pops on a bed of ice cubes
See the recipe

Berries & Yogurt

No need to choose between ice cream and frozen yogurt – it’s the best of both worlds. Enjoy them in any weather.

berry yogurt popsicle
Get fruity


It’s not easy being green – unless you’ve got a giant scoop of our matcha nice cream. Matcha is a food trend for great reason, and this nice cream is a perfect way to enjoy all the flavor of your favorite matcha latte, while keeping cool at the same time.

A bowl of matcha nice cream topped with protein muesli, one of many delicious types of ice cream
Show me the green

Vanilla & Strawberry

Combining vanilla ice cream and strawberries has never been so tempting! The fruity and sweet blend makes our hearts go pitter-patter. Not to worry, there’s still much less sugar than in conventional ice cream.

A container of vanilla ice cream with strawberries and walnuts
Feel berry good

Recipes: Types of ice cream for getting creative

While some may be satisfied with plain old ice cream, others will go the extra mile. And for them, we’ve collected some recipes for a frozen dessert that is anything but boring.

Ice Cream Cups

Ever heard of fluffy pancake cupcakes? Well, it’s about time you did! And these low-fat, high-protein snacks are best served with some delicious ice cream. Oh yeah, it makes our mouths water just thinking about it.

A scoop of gently melting mango protein ice cream and a scoop of strawberry protein ice cream in golden-brown edible ice cream cups
Cup it up

Ice Cream Sandwich

What would an ice cream article be without an ice cream sandwich? Our offering is vegan, to boot. Ditch the refined sugar and come to the healthier sweet side. We have cookies.

A vegan ice cream sandwich with dark chocolate over one side. The ice cream filling is a gentle beige. The cookies are a rich tan. There is a package of foodspring's Vegan Protein Cookies behind it.
Come to the dark side

Ice Cream Cake

A typical cake in this heat can really drag you down. So we’re going for a lighter approach, namely ice cream cake. This one features a nutty base combined with creamy coconut ice cream and a sweet peanut layer. That’ll catapult any foodie to cloud nine.

a five-layer protein ice cream cake sits on a plate
Get cakey with it


  • Every year, new trendy flavors of ice cream pop up: but classics such as chocolate, pistachio, and strawberry ice cream never go out of style.
  • Ice cream continues to be the reigning summertime favorite. In 2020, each person consumed an average of eight liters of the frozen treat.
  • Traditional ice cream varieties differ in taste, but also in consistency and composition. Varieties include gelato, sherbet, and sorbet.
  • While conventional ice cream unfortunately often contains a lot of fat, sugar, and calories, you can easily make it yourself. There is a wide range of options with lots of protein and zero regrets.
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