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Recipes for Singles on Valentine’s Day

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Think cooking for one isn’t worth the effort? We’re about to throw your preconceptions overboard. It’s true, cooking Valentine’s recipes for one takes a bit more effort. After a long day at work, it sounds so much easier to swipe yourself a delivery than to spend the time in the kitchen cutting, stirring, and seasoning. And then there’s the motivation issue: Why bother cooking when no one’s going to be there to appreciate (or expect) the meal you’ve created? But please. Spend the spoons on yourself. You’re worth it.

So, up you get! Hustle yourself into the kitchen. These Valentine’s recipes for one might be motivation enough to get you cooking. Packed with flavor, quick and easy, and with a simple ingredient list. Think of it as self-care. Making something for yourself is so rewarding: You can flavor it exactly the way you like, and no need to adjust for anyone else’s dietary needs. One last tip for your cooking: Music! Switch on your favorite playlist and you’ll have a swing in your step while you’re stirring sauces. Part of the joy of cooking is the process of making the meal, not just the finished product. Think of any leftovers as meal prep for Future You. That’s a gift in and of itself.

The last thing missing before you get cooking one of our Valentine’s recipes for one? The shopping. It’s a crucial thing to keep in mind. You want to make sure that you don’t buy gigantic packages, so that you can minimize the packaging and food waste landing in the trash. The best way to head off that problem? Make yourself a weekly meal plan in advance. Plan for lots of products that don’t spoil for a while after they’ve been opened, or are available in smaller quantities. And don’t forget to stock up your pantry with staples! Rice, couscous, potatoes, and quinoa can star in different ways on different days. Last thing to buy? A package of our Protein Pasta, for complicated recipes or for days when all you can cook is a pot of noodles.

Our best Valentine’s recipes for one:

# 1 Quick Pasta with Vegan Meatballs

After you’ve sent in your order for takeout, you’ll still be waiting upwards of half an hour. This Valentine’s recipe for one, meanwhile, goes from package to plate in just 25 minutes. And these savory vegan meatballs are the perfect protein portion for Meatless Monday – and any day of the week. Don’t have any Fuel on hand? Cook up a helping of Protein Pasta and adjust the nutrition info accordingly.

A beige plate of fusilli with smooth, round vegan meatballs

#2 Green Goddess Sandwich

After a long day of work, you just want something super simple to fill you up before tuning out the world. We hear you. Our Green Goddess sandwich will turn everyone else green with envy when they see it!

Green Goddess Sandwich on a green plate filled with rolled cucumbers

#3 Protein Pasta with Kale Pesto

While we’re already on the topic of greens: Let this easy, seasonal kale pesto sweep you away. It comes together in moments, and the fresh ingredients bring a blast of flavor into your kitchen for lunch or dinner.

A white bowl full of protein pasta with kale pesto

#4 Fried Rice with Marinated Tempeh and Peanut Sauce

Tempeh’s not just for vegans anymore. We’ve given it a crispy crunch by frying it up, then we pack it onto a skewer and drizzle it with a delicious dollop of homemade peanut sauce. Stock up on Organic Peanut Butter! And if you can’t get yourself our rice Fuel, use leftover rice or cook up some plain rice for yourself. Season it however you want; from sriracha to curry powder, the sky’s the limit!

A beige bowl of yellow-orange fried rice topped with a tempeh skewer and drizzled with peanut sauce

#5 Spicy Vegan Peanut Stew

Put your feet up and let our spicy peanut stew get you feeling warm and cozy. If you love peanuts as much as we do, this recipe needs to go into your bookmarks right now. A few simple ingredients transform into a healthy, delicious, balanced meal.

a photo of a bright orange vegan peanut stew set on a bowl of couscous

#6 Pumpkin Peanut Stew with Chickpeas

There’s nothing like a good curry to act as a comfort food. Put your ingredients into a pot and let them simmer; the longer, the better. Our recipe gives you the freedom of making your own spice mix, plus protein chapatis. We bet you’ve never seen Valentine’s recipes for one quite like this – and isn’t that a great thing?

a bowl of peanut stew with pumpkin and chickpeas seen from above, with a jar of peanut butter next to it

#7 Vegetable Pizza with Purple Pesto

We’ll do you one better than a frozen pizza. Make this one to blow yourself away with a fresh new combination of colors and flavors you’ve never seen on a pizza before! Make the red cabbage pesto yourself for a kick of purple!

vegetable pizza topped with purple pesto

#8 Sweet Potato Chicken Bowl

There are so many ways to make chicken breast shine. And there’s nothing like the comfort of a homemade Buddha bowl to make your body say “thank you” and mean it! This recipe sets itself apart from the others with its homemade sesame dressing. Dig in!

photo of a sweet potato and chicken bowl

#9 Stuffed Zucchini

If you’re missing a zucchini on Valentine’s Day, cook yourself one with this most classic of Valentine’s recipes for one! This time we’re going meat-free again, opting instead for Protein Flakes or your other favorite plant-based mince. It tastes the same, if you close your eyes…

Two stuffed zucchini halves, Valentine's recipes for one

#10 Pasta with a Light Creamy Cheese Sauce

Yes, Virginia, there is a creamy sauce with less fat. We made it. Of our Valentine’s recipes for one, this one skips the fat without compromising on the flavor. And guess what? The Protein Pasta has four times the protein of your everyday package of noodles. Now that’s nothing to sneeze at.

A blue plate holds Protein Pasta with a light and creamy cheesy sauce and fresh wilted spinach

#11 Protein Lava Cake

Don’t forget to give yourself a sweet treat at the end of your meal. We spent a lot of time thinking of the best Valentine’s recipes for one to round out this recipe, before going with an absolute can’t-miss combo of chocolate and caramel. How about a lava cake oozing with a molten core? Yes very please!

a lava cake with a fluid center of caramel is cut into by a white person's hand

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