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Mylk and Cookies: How to Host a Vegan Holiday

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At the end of every year, it’s time to look forward to some cozy time spent together with family and friends, all our loved ones. Time to just get together, enjoy the peace and quiet before New Year’s Eve celebrations, and indulge in all kinds of culinary delights. To make the holidays beautiful and delicious for everyone, it’s important to choose your holiday meal carefully so everything is just right. And now it’s easy to put together a meal with vegan holiday recipes that bring festive joy to everyone.

That’s why we’re making a vegan holiday menu this year. Looking for some inspiration for vegan Christmas recipes beyond mashed potatoes and butternut squash? The starters, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts we’ve gathered below will thrill vegans and meat eaters alike!

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Vegan Holiday Feast: Appetizers

#1 Wintertime Bruschetta

Is there a better veggie for the winter season than beet? Red beets, an absolute must-have in any holiday celebration, bring a perfect texture and sweetness to this wintertime twist on a classic bruschetta. And it’s gluten-free!

pumpkin and beetroot winter bruschetta
Try these tasty bites

#2 Beetroot Tartare

This colorful superfood is way more than a one trick pony, so you’re bound to find more than one way to use it to add color to your holiday table. As a tartare, beet is a great high-protein treat that tastes fantastic, with or without bread.

A serving of beetroot tartare on Protein Bread on top of a deep turquoise plate
Get your beet on

#3 Pink Couscous Salad

Just to prove its versatility, here’s another vegan Christmas recipe with beetroot! The mix of couscous, baby spinach, onions, and pine nuts showcases the flavors of this root vegetable in a whole new way. Not only is its flavor on point, so is its stunning presentation! Make a good first impression with this pretty appetizer on your dinner table.

Pink Couscous Salad on a white plate with a golden fork sitting next to it
Try this stunner the holiday season

#4 Carrot Ginger Soup

Want to be the perfect host, but don’t really want to spend hours sweating over the stove? Then this hearty vegan recipe is just the thing! It’s a quick and easy soup made of carrots, chickpeas, and ginger for a spicy and aromatic experience. For a special texture twist, garnish it with some coconut chips!

A bowl of rich orange carrot and ginger soup topped with roasted chickpeas and coconut chips
Unwrap flavor this Christmas

#5 High-Protein Falafel

Keep things festive and crave-able with our vegan falafel. They’re the perfect appetizer with hummus and pita bread or made a little smaller as finger food for a holiday party. (And we’re just saying, Hanukkah celebrates all things fried… so why not start a new falafel tradition?) Our Protein Flakes also give this version a boost of protein. But this delicious appetizer can be quite filling. So it’s a good idea for a meal when you want to take a little break before moving on to the main course.

A stainless steel lunch box packed with hummus, falafel, and a tomato-cucumber salad
Click here for falafel fun

Vegan Christmas Dinner: Mains

#1 Mushroom bourguignon

What screams vegan holiday more than a mushroom bourguignon? This plant-based version is every bit as good as the original boeuf bourguignon, we promise. The beef is replaced by mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms for a savory plant-based foundation for our stew. Round off your vegan main course with our Protein Pasta.

A plate of mushroom bourguignon with Protein Pasta, topped with a few sprigs of cress
Click here for the recipe

#2 Lentil bolognese

A bolognese is definitely a home cook’s favorite for the holidays. The hearty sauce is filling, simply packed with flavor, and easy to prepare in advance. For this vegan holiday, we’re getting rid of the meat and going for lentils instead. And for a low-carb option, just swap out the noodles for spiralized veggies.

a plate of zucchini noodles, zoodles, or courgetti with bright red lentil bolognese
Click for plant-based bolognese

#3 Vegan Beef Wellington

It’s probably the best traditional holiday roast and we’re serving it up vegan style. How is that even possible? Just combine beans, nuts, lentils and protein flakes into a savory and hearty filling and pack it into a coat of crispy puff pastry! Who needs beef?

A plate of Vegan Beef Wellington sits on a stone countertop with bright orange carrots next to it.
Time for a plant-based roast

#4 Lemon Pumpkin Focaccia

Get ready to indulge in some extra fluffy focaccia! In just a few steps, we’ll show you how to make this classic bread and top it with seasonal ingredients.

A rectangular, fluffy focaccia topped with bright orange pumpkin slices
Dive into the fluff

Vegan Sides: more than just sweet potatoes!

#1 Oven-roasted broccoli with a high-protein crust

The holiday season is all about special recipes. Eating a roast dinner every day would be boring, right? That’s why this year we’re dishing up whole roasted cauliflower for the holidays, with a flavorful high-protein crust and serving it with a homemade chunky white wine sauce.

Roasted broccoli covered with flaked almonds, sliced in half. One half is standing up so we can see the protein crust, and the other half is laid on its side so we can see the soft green inside of the broccoli.
Check it out here

#2 Glazed carrots with cranberries

For us, glazed carrots are the best side for a roast dinner. Topped with Protein Flakes and dried cranberries, they’re an absolute highlight for Christmas.

A plate holds a vegan beef Wellington with bright orange glazed carrots
Click me for the holiday classic

#3 Simple vegan gravy

Quick to make and extra flavorful, our vegan gravy will add a sumptuous sauce to your holiday feast.

A white person's hand drizzles vegan gravy over a vegan Wellington
Dive into plant-based gravy

#4 Potato pancakes

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, these potato pancakes are the perfect wintertime comfort food. And the right hearty side dish for a veggie-centered main. Our Protein Pancake mix helps keep the shredded potatoes together and balances out the macros. Top with the vegan sour cream of your choice!

A light-blue plate topped with golden-brown potato pancakes, with a serving of applesauce next to them.
Time for pancakes!

Vegan Christmas Desserts

#1 Vegan Blinis Two Ways

The holidays are the time to spoil ourselves and our loved ones with an indulgent menu. Of course, small snacks to start or end the meal are an important part. Whether sweet potato blinis, avocado-cilantro, or traditional fruit-filled blinis – make a variety and keep your guests on their toes.

Vegan Blinis toped with either avocado wedges or purple carrot slices. Each blini is bite-sized and they rest on a terra-cotta plate as a white person's delicate-fingered hand reaches for one.
Bling up your blini game

#2 Vegan Amaretto Chocolate Tart

Quick to prepare and super delicious. A chocolate tart for true chocoholics!

A Vegan Amaretto Chocolate Tart seen from above, decorated with a mix of star-shaped sugar cookies and bright red redcurrants.
Get your chocolatey goodness now

#3 Chai Latte Chia Pudding

A chai latte for dessert? Of course! For this vegan holiday season, we’re turning the trendy winter drink into a delicious chia pudding with a hint of cinnamon. Cardamom and star anise round off the spice profile of this wintertime treat, make a double batch so there’s enough for seconds!

Chai Latte Chia Pudding dusted with cinnamon and topped with a cinnamon stick and a star of anise
Spoon your chai

#4 Banana bread

This dessert epitomizes vegan wintertime delights like no other. Because our banana bread has a base of tasty apple, walnuts, and cinnamon, and then our vegan hazelnut Protein Cream takes it to the next level. You can even have seconds, because our spread is high in fiber, low in sugar, and, at the same time, contains eight times more protein than the average spread.

Gingerbread-spiced apple banana bread topped with drizzles of Protein Cream and apple slices
Tasty banana bread

#5 Kaiserschmarrn with Pear-Cinnamon Compote

When all your loved ones get together over the holidays at the end of the year, it’s okay to treat yourself to a few vegan Christmas dinner recipes. Our fluffy Kaiserschmarrn with pear-cinnamon compote is perfect for this, turning the Austrian dessert into a healthy winter must-have.

A plate of Kaiserschmarrn pancakes with a pear-cinnamon compote is seen from above.
Ready for the fluff

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