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My Body Is My Buddy.

Always when I wake up you’re the first thing that I feel.

We’ve been working on it now we’ve got the abs of steel.
I just can’t stop thinking every time I close my eyes.
How we gonna play, I’m thinking chest, triceps and thighs.

When it’s time to work out I can feel the burn like fire.
But treating you right afterwards is my strongest desire.
Taking little breaks is part of getting where we strive.
ou’ve got the best recovery time.

Making sure we’re healthy really is the best.
Taking you out tonight will put you to the test.
If you have your doubts all you need to do is flex.
There is only one thing I can see us doing next.

All the heads are turning, everybody’s looking twice.
Walking ‘long the beach is when you really get me psyched.
It’s hard to believe it’s not 'cause of your B.M.I.
I never loved someone so much in my whole life.

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