All say pasture milk.


We really have her.

Experience the truth behind our protein.

What makes pasture milk better? Answers to the top 9 questions.

There are 1000 myths surrounding the subject of pasture milk. What is pasture milk? What is pasture milk doing in my protein shake? We answer the most common questions.

No whey protein without milk. No milk without a cow.

For the best whey protein we do it right from the beginning. That's why our proteins come from 100% pasture milk. We show you our cows and the stories that make your shake better.

One thing is clear:

Our cows graze 90% of their time on wide pastures. That's on average

Days / year
Days week
Now experience stories directly from the pasture.
Daniel R. - Berlin
Does your whey protein come from real willow cows?

Yes, Daniel. On average, our cows graze for 328 days a year on the lush green pastures.

Two cows have more space than a soccer field.

Experience it yourself.

Sarah - Stuttgart
Why is cow's milk from the pasture better?

Counterquestion: If you eat fast food 365 days a year, do not sleep well, have a lot of stress and just stay in the dark, do you think you can reach your full potential? Just. That's why our cows graze in the fresh air and only get lush grass.

2000 hours of sunshine per year - almost as sunny as Barcelona
1.7 million hectares of grassy pastures - 20x the size of Berlin

No use of growth hormones - grass food directly from the pasture
Excellent nutritional profile of pasture milk - such as omega-3 fatty acids & vitamin E
Philipp - Wolfsburg
How can you make sure that your cows are not in the stable?

Our farmers know that only cows from the pasture give the best milk. That's why they send their cows to open pastures for 90% of their time. This is confirmed by the NZMP label.

In winter, of course, every cow is allowed in the stable. So that the vast grasslands can prepare for the next season.

Did you know that there are as many cows as inhabitants in New Zealand?

4.8 million cows
from us all over New Zealand
Only 2 cows
on a pasture as big as a soccer field
Marc - Cologne
Do you know every single farmer?

For our whey protein, nearly 10,500 farmers in New Zealand are working every day. We took a closer look at the farms of the North Island. And talk to the farms. We were thrilled with the close bond every farmer has with every single cow.

Julia - Munich
Do you really use any artificial fertilizer?

Fertilizing our cows by themselves. In addition, our farmers make sure that each pasture has enough time to regenerate after the season. So that each cow always enough grass is available. Our farmers are real cow and grass experts.

100% grass food directly from the pasture
Natural grass cycle without chemical fertilizer
Anna - Wiesbaden
Why is your pasture milk from New Zealand coming?

Because only in New Zealand can we get whey protein from pasture milk of this quality. Here the grass grows completely without chemical fertilizer. And only here can our cows move freely on green grass pastures all year round.

Because pasture milk is not the same as pasture milk. We set new standards for you.

120Days / year
for pasture cows according to European standard
328Days / year
for foodspring grazing cows in New Zealand
Florian - Leipzig
Why is not there any protein from pasture milk in my region?

There is whey protein in pasture milk quality also in Europe. But just too much lower standards. In conventional European agriculture, it is not uncommon for feed to be imported from remote locations. We can proudly say that only in New Zealand our cows graze 90% of their time in open pastures. Regional therefore does not always mean better.

Because more milk is not better milk

20liters / day
Milk gives a high performance cow in European stable attitude
11liters / day
Every cow gives us fresh milk from our pastures. Without stress.
Stefanie - Augsburg
How is whey protein actually made from whey?

Wow, Stefanie. You know your way. For 1 kg protein powder we need 100 liters of pasture milk. And we use every single ingredient of the milk. Because when milk is processed into cheese, whey is produced as a by-product. From this we take your protein. The excess water is recycled to cool and clean the production. How exactly this works is explained in the infographic below.

Pasture milk to whey protein. A responsible cycle.

Stefan - Hamburg
In which products are proteins from pasture milk?

All our whey-based products contain proteins from pasture milk. You want to try it right away? Then start with our Whey Protein or Shape Shake in many different flavors.

Whey Protein Vanilla Protein from pasture-raised cows for your muscles 29.99 €
Whey Protein Chocolate Protein from pasture-raised cows for your muscles 29.99 €
Shape Shake Vanilla For a great figure: Shape Shake 29.99 €
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