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„All-rounder for cuisine & health“

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320 g jar
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  • High-quality cold-pressed coconut oil
  • 100% certified organic
  • Raw food quality - no artificial additives
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From fair trade
Hand-picked coconuts
from the Philippines
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Healthy fatty acids
High content of valuable
Lauric acid and MCT fatty acids
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Raw food quality
Minimal processing for maximised nutrient content - 100% vegan
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No artificial additives
Unrefined, unhardened and non-deodorised
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100% organic
From certified organic cultivation

The all-rounder for hot & cold dishes.

Fine dining in your own home. Perfect for hot and cold dishes, this exotic all-rounder puts olive oil to shame. Lauric acid provides heat stability to avoid the formation of trans fats under high temperatures. MTCs immediately supply you with energy, instead of making you tired. Also good to know: Organic coconut oil is a true all-rounder when it comes to skin and haircare.

    • Ideal for hot & cold dishes
    • High in lauric fatty acids and medium-chain triglycerides
    • Heat-resistant with smoke point above 200 °C

Nutrition at its best.

59 g
45,8 g
Laurin acid
until 200°
Nutritional values per 100 g. 

Hand-picked. Cold-pressed. 100% organic.

Coconuts floating in the sea, palm trees in the background

The coconuts for our oil are picked exclusively by hand by small-scale farmers in the Philippines. They pick only the finest ripe coconuts with the help of ropes and bamboo sticks. The coconut meat is then removed by hand, grated, dried under moderate temperatures and cold pressed. And that's how our organic coconut oil in raw food quality comes to be.

Thinking outside of the box when it comes to responsibility.

Man on palm tree

When you buy a product, you want the highest quality and maximised benefits. Our organic coconut oil meets these requirements with ease. Particularly important to us: In harmony with man and nature.

Coconut farmers often live on the breadline, with difficult economic and social situations at production sites. In order to increase the yield and maintain low prices, pesticides are often used. We do not want to support this. That's why we use organically farmed, fair trade coconuts. Perfect value for money for everyone involved.

Perfect all round. Inside and out.

Organic coconut oil by foodspring, served with a brown spoon
  • Ideal for hot & cold dishes
  • Rich in high-quality fatty acids
  • Heat-resistant with smoke point above 200 °
  • Sustainable filling effect
  • Hand-picked
  • Fair trade

Frequently asked questions

Why should I buy foodspring coconut oil?

Not only do we use the best-available ecological raw ingredients, we also emphasise the use of gentle, careful processing at every step, from harvest to packaging. We work with experienced coconut farmers who employ specially trained harvest workers. They use a special technique to harvest the ripe coconuts and process them by hand within one hour of picking to maintain maximum freshness. foodspring coconut oil is a virgin, cold-pressed, non-hydrogenated, unbleached oil that is also not deodorised. It offers the finest organic raw food quality and a high lauric acid content. Our coconut oil bears the EU organic seal, a guarantee of high quality.

What are the advantages of coconut oil for frying?

Its aromatic taste and smell makes coconut oil excellent for frying a great variety of foods. Its high smoke point also means it is stable and slow to oxidise.

What are the benefits of the high lauric acid content?

Lauric acids are a great source of energy and a real power supply for body cells. A sufficient supply of lauric acid is also important in protecting the lipid membrane, which supports the immune system.

What does organic quality coconut oil mean?

Certified organic coconut oil undergoes very gentle processing in accordance with the strictest ecological guidelines. The coconuts are harvested and processed by hand without the use of any additives.

What does fair trade mean at foodspring?

We take fair trade very seriously and carefully screen our partners in advance. Our small-scale farmers work in accordance with strict ecological regulations, guaranteeing a responsible use of natural resources. Since the quality of foodspring coconut oil is largely the result of careful hand processing, coconut farmers regularly train locals as harvest workers and employ them on the plantations. This means that the production of foodspring coconut oil benefits the community both financially and socially.


100% unrefined coconut oil/fat CO*

*Certified Organic

Nutritional values per 100 g
Energy 3683 kJ / 896 kcal
Fat 99 g
of which saturated fatty acids 93 g
Carbohydrates <0.1 g
of which sugar <0.1 g
Fibre <0.1 g
Protein <0.1 g
Salt <0.025 g

A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential.

Recommended Use
Dosage & Preparation

Coconut oil can be used very sparingly, 1 tsp. or just a pinch is usually enough. Coconut oil begins to melt at about 28 °C and can be stored at room temperature for baking and frying. This gives coconut oil a spreadable almost liquid consistency, making it extremely easy to measure out. When frying, organic coconut oil remains stable up to 200 °C. Heating the oil above 200 °C can have an adverse effect on the quality of the oil and should be avoided. 

Our tip

Unlike conventional oils, coconut oil gives dishes a somewhat exotic flavour. Coconut oil is not only for baking and frying, this versatile and nutritious oil can also be used to enhance fresh salads or as an alternative to butter and margarine on bread.

Recommended times
  • Morning
  • Evening
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General information about organic coconut oil

The nutritional benefits and healing properties of coconut oil have been know to the peoples of the South Pacific for thousands of years. Thanks to these properties, cold-pressed organic coconut oil is also becoming a vital part of western cuisine.

Coconut oil is one of the most natural oils and can be distinguished by its extremely high content of amino acids, vitamins and valuable minerals. Thanks to its antioxidant properties and readily available fatty acids, organic coconut oil is easily well and provides long-lasting energy.

The oil extracted from the coconut has an above-average concentration of saturated fatty acids, which consist of 90% medium-chain fatty acids. The extremely high lauric acid content also stands out. Lauric acid makes coconut oil ideal for frying and cooking. Chemical stability, heat resistance up to 200 °C and a long shelf life ensure that no unhealthy trans fats arise when coconut oil is used for cooking.

Coconut oil can even be used as a natural cosmetic to support a pure complexion.

foodspring organic coconut oil is a natural handmade product made from sun-ripened coconuts. Immediately after being picked, the coconuts are transferred to the oil mill for processing. The coconut meat is then removed lovingly by hand and gently cold-pressed. The result is a first-class organic coconut oil in raw food quality, with an unmistakable crystal clear colour, gentle aromatic scent and mild coconut flavour.

The coconuts for our raw organic coconut oil grow on 100% organic and sustainable palm trees to meet strict EU directives. So foodspring's organic coconut oil is a completely natural product.

The extraordinary taste and the health benefits of coconut oil make it a real all-rounder for healthy cooking and low-calorie diets. And vegans, or anyone who suffers from an intolerance to gluten, lactose or soya, can enrich their diet with organic coconut oil.

Highlights of organic coconut oil by foodspring

  • 100% pure organic coconut oil from the Philippines
  • Natural and fresh, in premium raw food quality
  • Direct processing after harvest - for maximised freshness
  • Gently cold-pressed
  • 50% lauric acid
  • Unrefined, unbleached, unhardened, non-deodorised
  • 4 - 5 coconuts per jar
  • Fair trade
  • Carefully handmade & fair trade

The effects of organic coconut oil

Thanks to an abundance of fine ingredients, mild scented coconut oil is by far the most versatile coconut product. High-quality coconut oil can have a wide range of positive effects on both your internal and external wellbeing like almost no other product.

Organic coconut oil strengthens and tones the entire body
Organic coconut oil aids digestion and is better tolerated than other dietary fats, like butter and margarine. While these primarily contain long-chain fatty acids, coconut oil is characterised by its medium-chain fatty acid content. Medium-chain fatty acids can be metabolised better. They provide us with optimised usable energy that lasts longer.

One reason for this effect lies in the "powerhouse" lauric acid, which makes up about 50% of coconut oil. It allows our cells to operate at incredibly intense rate and is converted into usable energy in a very short space of time, energy which can be used for all sorts of functions in the body. Lauric acid also has the ability to rid viruses and bacteria of their protective lipid membrane. So it helps to strengthen the immune system and reduces the risk of infections.

Stimulate your metabolism and promote fat loss with organic coconut oil
Independent studies have shown that pure, cold-pressed coconut oil regulates energy metabolism and thus supports a healthy diet while losing weight.

So-called medium-chain triglycerides are absorbed by the liver, digested with lightning speed and converted into ketones. These chemical compounds supply the brain with energy as quickly as possible and keep blood sugar levels constant. Your appetite is also reduced and you feel fuller - this benefits fat reduction.

Combined with exercise, our body breaks down excess fat deposits quickly and effectively. Any reduction of body fat decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease and contributes to your overall health.

Cold-pressed organic coconut oil for body, skin and hair
Naturally pure organic coconut oil is a real beauty miracle. It not only strengthens from the inside, the oil is effective against pimples, skin irritations and brittle hair can. The exceptionally high concentrations of lauric, capric and caprylic acids have an antibacterial and fungicidal effect. Lauric acid protects the skin against germs, viruses and infections and also provides moisture. Inflammation, skin irritations, blemishes and sores can all benefit from the soothing effect of this natural product.

It is perfect for both men and women and can replace any cream in the bathroom: It hydrates the skin without leaving a greasy film behind and contributes to a beautiful complexion thanks to its antibacterial properties. In Ayurveda, organic coconut oil has been used as mouthwash, an integral part of oral hygiene, for centuries.

Mixed with water, organic coconut oil can also remove waterproof make-up without leaving any residue and as a deep conditioner it gives the hair new strength and shine.

Positive side effect: Even high-quality organic coconut oil in raw food quality is cheaper than many creams in the long run. Since it melts at about 26 °C, it melts when applied to the body so that even just a small amount can cover a large area. A 100% natural product for the bathroom.

Getting the most out of organic coconut oil

As it comes, in a smoothie or in a soup: Coconut oil enriches any dish with its fine flavour. With a smoke point of 200 °C, coconut oil loses no flavour or nutritional value. That's why cold-pressed coconut oil is safe to use both for hot and cold dishes.

With a subtle exotic aroma and a mild taste, coconut oil is not only healthy, it is also a perfect substitute for conventional cooking fats like butter and olive oil.

Make Asian dishes with peanut butter extra creamy with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Organic coconut oil even adds a touch of the exotic to sandwiches when used as a spread and steaks when used in place of herb butter.

If you need a real energy boost in the morning, before a workout or for the afternoon slump, add a splash of cold-pressed organic coconut oil to your coffee instead of milk. Just one teaspoon in a cup of Bulletproof coffee is enough for an exceptional energy boost.

As the medium-chain fatty acids in organic coconut oil are quickly utilised by the body but have a long-lasting effect, you get twice the benefit: On the one hand they give you quick energy for a good start to the day and on the other hand they help you feel fuller for longer.

Who should use organic coconut oil?

The oil extracted from the coconut is not only healthy in terms of food and nutrition, it also maintains skin and hair. In terms of exercise, cold-pressed coconut oil provides you with more energy to get you through a diet and it can also help tame unpleasant skin conditions.

Essential vitamins and amino acids for sports
Exercise increases the body's need for amino acids, which are essential for maintaining and building muscle. Endurance athletes and weight lifters in particular can make use of the impressive benefits of coconut oil. In addition to essential minerals and trace elements, organic coconut oil is particularly rich in vitamins that the body cannot make itself.

In particular B vitamins, vitamin E and the essential amino acids; leucine, valine and isoleucine. These nutrients need to be absorbed through food to avoid nutritional deficiencies. One tablespoon of foodspring's organic coconut oil in your pre-workout shake with whey protein provides long-lasting energy for intense workouts.

Lose weight with organic coconut oil
Integrating certified organic coconut oil into your daily diet supports long-term weight loss. The high medium-chain fatty acids content provides the body with essential lipids during a calorie deficit. Important: Replace fats like butter and olive oil with cold-pressed organic coconut oil rather than eating coconut oil on top of your existing diet.

Cold-pressed organic coconut oil for beautiful and healthy skin
If you prefer natural cosmetics free of chemical additives for combating unpleasant blemishes, fragrant coconut oil is a great alternative to expensive cosmetic creams. The strong antimicrobial effect supports the fight against annoying pimples and acne and cleanses pores. Coconut oil also provides rapid relief to painful sunburn, itchy insect bites and superficial wounds.

Buying organic coconut oil online – what you need to look out for

Like all fats and oils, there are significant differences in quality when it comes to coconut oil. The selection of raw materials, the manufacturing processes and possible additives all affect the quality of the final product. That's why you should look out for high-quality, cold-pressed coconut oil.

Organic quality, handmade and immediate processing of the coconut are important indications of a first-class organic coconut oil. After careful raw material sourcing, gently cold-pressing the coconut meat ensures an optimised nutrient content is retained.

No mechanical methods should be used to bleach, cure, refine or deodorise the product. Only in this way can a pure and natural coconut oil in top organic quality be achieved.

Coconut oil is crystal clear and has an aromatic, unobtrusive coconut scent. Additives of any kind, like preservatives and emulsifiers, reduce the value of the coconut oil.