antoine lacotte

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Short Info

Date of birth: 25/10/1992
Country: France

About me

I am Antoine Lacotte, a native of Nice who has been adopted for more than 10 years after having lived in the West Indies and was born in Brussels, 26 years old, passionate about sport and image.  A recent member of the Team Foodspring FR, I am fond of the brand's values and products.... These are indeed a real help for my balance and performance as a Street Workout athlete. We plan to cook up many interesting things for you together!  I am also in the process of carrying out some projects in the Street Workout, in particular the "SBL School", which will aim to guide novices and advanced students in learning or improving the discipline. I invite you to follow me closely! All this is for you!

My Journey

A specialized, static and dynamic international all-rounder, taking part in the most important international competitions, Founder of the SBL Team, now renowned in France and abroad. I discovered the Street Workout in 2013, when I returned from my experience in the French Navy, through social networks such as Youtube, where we could find rare videos showing athletes with an extraordinary musculature, practice postures such as the famous "human flag" completely in contradiction with gravity! Practising weight training only by body weight on the Navy boats, with intensity, I became affectionate with this past of physical surpassing and a new challenge, a new horizon opens up to me. I then decide to brave the impossible! I am learning to perform my very first Muscle-up, the movement of this discipline, with great difficulty however despite a very good level of traction. I then understand that with this new discipline I was going to be able to work on muscles that had until now been "dodged" by weight training with the classic body weight. I quickly become addicted and amazed by the mechanism of the muscles of the human body, and I understand that I still have a lot to discover!


My accomplishments

  • 2nd Place:- FIBO POWER Freestyle Battles 2018, Cologne, Germany

  • - French representative at the Street Workout Freestyle World Championship 2017, Moscow, Russia

  • - Super Final Kenguru Pro Street Workout World Cup 2016, Beijing, China

  • - 1st Place: Kenguru Pro Street Workout World Cup 2016 Italia

  • - Multiple competitor at the World Cup in 2015 (Stuttgart World Cup Stage 2015, Madrid World Cup Stage 2015...)