Gesa Krause

Gesa Krause

gesa_krauseEhringshausen, Germany

Short info

Day of Birth: 03.08.1992
Country: Germany
Sport: Athletics
Discipline: 3000m hurdles

About me

My name is Gesa Krause and I am a German athlete. Already at the age of 8 I started this sport, which became my absolute passion. I am happy to have foodspring as a strong partner on my side on the way to the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

Why Foodspring?

A healthy and balanced diet is indispensable for me and my sport. With foodspring I have a partner who values sustainable and natural ingredients. In addition, the wide range offers a great selection to optimize my diet. My favorite product for training is Recovery Aminos. My favourite snack in the assortment is the Paleo Bar Cocoa. My all time favorite for everyday use is the foodspring peanut butter. 


Bronze medal at the 2015 World Championships

 European Champion 2016

 European Champion 2018

Bronze medal at the 2019 World Championships

Holder of the German record for the 3000m hurdles