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Day of Birth: 01/06/1992
Country: Italy
Sport: High Jump

About Gimbo

My name is Gianmarco Tamberi, I'm 26 years old and I'm a jumper. So I like to introduce myself, to put my greatest passion before everything. After all, it's the passions that push us further than we could ever have imagined... I have a wonderful dream in my head and I am living every single day of my life to try to make this dream a goal. A few years ago, in 2016, I succeeded in this challenge. The Rio Olympics were no longer just a dream, no, Rio had certainly become the city that would bring more joy to my life as I saw how that season was going. As a favorite for the Olympic gold medal, the only way I could not achieve that great dream was to have a crash in the race and not be able to withstand the enormous tension. But that wasn't the case, and yet I still don't have any Olympic medals on my wall... I've never been to Rio before, 20 days before the most important event of my the last race before the most important event of my life I have visited Paradise and hell in the amount of time it takes to drink a coffee. We were in Monte Carlo and again first, another Italian record, 2.39 m, I was already savoring the taste of what I could feel a few days later in the Olympus race if I could simply do the same thing ... But I didn't get the chance. The next jump, with the auction at 2.41 was a free ticket to my biggest nightmare. The ankle detachment gave way, the internal ligament broke in two, goodbye ankle, goodbye Rio, goodbye dream of my life. The last farewell, however, lasted 10 days, and from the eleventh, with the Chalk in the leg and two operations, I decided that I could never accept not to try again. There were 4 years to go, now one is missing, a huge job to get back to where I was, liters of tears shed, fatigue and frustration were the order of the day, but now I can say, now I can scream it, it was worth it because I'm finally back! Tokyo2020, I'm coming!


Indoor European Championship, Glasgow 2019: Gold Medal

Indoor World Cup, Portland 2016: Gold Medal

Europeans, Amsterdam 2016: Gold Medal

Absolute Italian Championships, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019: Gold Medal

Absolute Italian Championships, 2013: Silver Medal

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