Léa depagneux

lea_sblpro Street Workout

Short Info

Date of Birth:03/10/1997
Activities:Street workout, synchronized swimming, ski

About ME

I am a 22-year-old student from Nice, in the South of France, currently studying physiotherapy in Brussels. A sportswoman since I was a child, I did 12 years of synchronized swimming and a lot of skiing, now I have been practicing Street Workout for more than 2 years.  It has directly become a passion, an addiction. The Street Workout gives me adrenaline and allows me to draw to the end of my strength. What I like is that we can express our artistic side on the bar, or elsewhere, and all this without any limits! I would like to share my experience in this sport with the French women, to continue to feminize this practice, which although contrary to what it allows to appear, is accessible for us! This sport and my performances require a certain LifeStyle, so I share the same values as foodspring, which helps me in my sporting and personal development.  


- 12th Place: Street Workout Freestyle World Championship 2018, Moscow, Russia

- 2nd Place: WSWCF 2018 National Championship in Bordeaux, France.

- 1st Place: FIBO POWER Freestyle Battles 2018, Cologne, Germany

- 7th Place: Street Workout Freestyle World CHampionship 2017, Moscow, Russia