Luna Bulmahn

Luna Bulmahn

lunabulmahnBueckeburg, Germany

short info

Date of Birth: 26.11.1999
Country: Germany
Sport: Athletics
Discipline: 400 m

About me

My name is Luna and I started athletics at the age of 6. From primary school to high school to university, sport has always been an integral part of my daily life.

Why Foodspring?

With foodspring, I combine not only high quality, but also good taste, which helps my body to demand maximum performance. I was inspired by other foodspring athletes who made me integrate the products into my sports routine.


1st Place German Championship 2019 - 400m

1st Place German U23 Championship 2019 - 400m

2nd place European Team Championship

3rd place European Championship U23 4x400m Relay 4x400m

4th place European U23 400m Championship (singles)