marjorie mayans

marjorie.mayans Rugby Professional

Short Info

Date of birth: 17/11/1990
Country: France
Sport: Rugby

About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Marjorie and I am a rugby player. I have had the chance to do my job for 4 years but it is above all a passion since I was a child. I love sport in itself, its notion of technique, combat, strategy, but above all the values that flow from it. Rugby is a very complete sport that allows all physical profiles to find their place within a team. I like the spirit it takes to perform, the way you give everything for your teammate, the way you surpass yourself for the common goal.   Individual performance within the team, so that each person progresses in his or her own way to bring the best to the team.


I am a player of women's Blagnac Rugby, as well as French teams, at VII and XV. I competed in the Rio Olympic Games, at 4 World Cups, the last of which was this summer when we returned with the San Francisco Silver Medal.  This season's priority objective is to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games, which involves a series of tournaments as part of a global circuit. The next stage will be Kitakyushu (Japan), followed by Langford (Canada), to finish in Biarritz.