Protein Müsli Bircher

“An instant version of the Swiss classic.”

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foodspring Protein Müsli Bircher
Protein Müsli Bircher
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Ready to eat in minutes
Just grab, mix with water for 2 minutes, and go
Protein für unterwegs
Very high protein content
For your muscles
High Protein & Ballaststoffreich
No added sugar*
Only the natural sweetness of fruit
Milch von Weidekühen
Rich in fiber
Keeps your stomach happy
milk protein concentrate*, large oat flakes* (17%), fine oat flakes* (12%), dried diced apples* (10%), linseed*, apple powder*, almond flakes* (7%), chopped and roasted hazelnuts* (6%), puffed amaranth*, dried diced pears*, cinnamon*.
Nutrition facts per 100 g per 60g
Energy 1706 kJ / 407 kcal 1024 kJ / 244 kcal
Fat 13 g 7,8 g
of which unsaturated 1,4 g 0,8 g
Carbs 38 g 22,8 g
of which sugar 15 g 9,0 g
Fibre 11,0 g 6,6 g
Protein 29 g 17,4 g
Salt 0,10 g 0,06 g

May contain traces of peanuts, soy, other nuts, and sesame.
The nutrition facts may change slightly due to natural variations in the raw ingredients.
Despite careful monitoring this product may contain hard pieces of fruits, nuts, etc.


Preparation Step1

Put 60g (approx. 6 tbsp) in a bowl

Preparation Step2

Stir in 120 ml cold water

Preparation Step3

Let sit for 2 minutes, stir, done!

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Smaakt prima en werkt goed.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How is this Bircher Protein Muesli different from foodspring’s Protein Porridge or the other foodspring Protein Mueslis?

Well, to start off, you mix our Protein Porridge with hot water and our regular Protein Muesli with milk. But you can mix the bircher Protein Muesli with either one! Totally up to you. Also, the consistency of each product is a bit different. Try them all to see which one‘s your favorite! Also, if you‘re allergic to soy, this is our first soy-free Protein Muesli. 

Do I have to let my Bircher Protein Muesli sit for a few hours like with normal Bircher muesli?

Nope! Add milk, your preferred milk alternative, or water, wait just 2 minutes, and then dig in. You’ll notice that the consistency of the muesli changes super fast. And remember, Bircher Muesli is served cold! It’s the original overnight oats.

What kind of protein source do you use?

We use organic-certified milk protein in our Bircher Protein Muesli. We wanted to stick as closely as possible to the original Bircher muesli recipe, which calls for milk and/or yogurt. This is what gives our Bircher Protein Muesli its deliciously creamy consistency.

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