Sparkling Aminos

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foodspring Sparkling Aminos
Sparkling Aminos
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Plant-based BCAAs.
Plant-based BCAAs
To nourish your muscles
Caffeine & guarana extract.
Caffeine from guarana
For fully focused workouts
BCAAs for on the go
BCAAs for on the go
Ready to drink
Refreshing grapefruit flavor
Zesty grapefruit flavour
Made from harvest-fresh fruits
Made in Germany.
Made in Germany
Certified production
Ingredients (Sparkling Aminos Grapefruit)
Water, grapefruit juice concentrate (11%), L-leucine (0.89%), lemon juice concentrate, carbon dioxide, guarana extract (0.47%), L-isoleucine (0.45%), L-valine (0.45%) orange juice concentrate, lemon extract, natural grapefruit flavour with other natural flavours, orange extract, sweetener (steviol glycosides, sucralose), stabilizer (locust bean gum)
Caffeinated soft drink with amino acids, grapefruit concentrate and guarana extract. Contains sweeteners. High caffeine content (26mg / 100ml). Not recommended for children or pregnant or breastfeeding women.
Nutritional information per 100ml per 330ml
Energy 30kJ / 7kcal 99kJ / 23kcal
Fat 0g 0g
of which saturated fatty acids 0g 0g
carbohydrates 1.1g 3.6g
of which sugar 1.1g 3.6g
Protein* 0.1g 0.3g
Salt 0g 0g
Other ingredients per 100ml per 330ml
BCAAs ** 1.78g 5.9g
of which:
L-leucine 0.9g 2.9g
L-isoleucine 0.45g 1.49g
L-valine 0.45g 1.49g
Caffeine 26mg 86mg

* in the form of free amino acids

** branched chain amino acids 2: 1: 1 (L-leucine: L-isoleucine: L-valine)

Not suitable for people with the following allergies or intolerances: Soy.

Dosage & Preparation

Drink 1 can per day before training.
Increased caffeine content (26mg/100ml). Not recommended for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Recommended times

  • Before training
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This is a wow factor, great taste and I feel hydrated and energetic for a long time!


Good drink and flavour.


REady to drink e personalmente trovo il sapore molto buono, bello fresco è una gioia da bere

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General Information about Sparkling Aminos (BCAA drink)

Our Sparkling Aminos contain 5.9 g of BCAAs per can plus caffeine from guarana. But what are BCAAs? The three amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine are known as BCAAs. They are essential amino acids, which means that the body cannot produce them on its own. They must be obtained from food instead.

The body needs BCAAs specifically for sports activities like weight lifting and endurance sports to support muscle building and muscle maintenance during long-term stress. These unique properties make BCAAs THE all-rounders among nutritional supplements.

But what makes BCAAs so special? The most advantageous characteristic of BCAAs is that they are metabolised by muscle cells directly, i.e. they don’t have to pass through the liver first. That is why they are superb energy suppliers. Muscles get around 35% of their fuel from BCAAs. BCAAs are therefore very helpful in preventing muscle breakdown, also known as the catabolic process.

Our cans contain a BCAA ratio of 2:1:1. That means they contain twice as much leucine as isoleucine and valine, because our bodies require different amounts of the three amino acids. BCAAs are particularly effective in this ratio, as the metabolism will require twice as much leucine than valine and isoleucine over the course of a day. The body’s basic metabolic needs are further increased during physical training or an intense workout.

Not all BCAAs are the same. Premium BCAAs like the amino acids in our Sparkling Aminos are derived from plant-based raw materials. Low-quality products often contain amino acids that are extracted from duck feathers and even human hair. The bio-availability of these supplements is significantly lower, because the body can only use a fraction of the “actual" BCAAs.


  • Premium BCAAs from plant sources
  • Optimised 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine and valine
  • Juice concentrate from harvest-fresh grapefruit
  • Caffeine from guarana


Our Sparkling Aminos are perfect for increasing muscle definition. Your muscles are under a lot of stress during the muscle building phase. This will often result in a calorie deficit that can adversely affect muscle building. Instead of added sugar, the calories in our Sparkling Aminos come from clean sources: Each can contains grapefruit and lemon juice, and above all 5.9 g of BCAAs and the caffeine extracted from the guarana plant. The BCAAs help to deliver essential amino acids to the muscles and actively prevent muscle loss.

Training on an empty stomach is best for fat burning. When the body's glycogen stores are empty, you will draw on fat reserves for energy faster.

Our Sparkling Aminos contain caffeine from the guarana plant and harvest-fresh grapefruit juice – both of which are important for energy and blood sugar levels. BCAA prevents the body from breaking down its own muscle protein for energy, which would adversely affect muscle growth.


The level of free BCAAs in the blood decreases during physical training. That is because these quickly available amino acids are burned first. In other words, the body draws on its immediately available resources first. Once these are depleted, muscle tissue is targeted next and the body starts breaking it down for energy.

This is known as the catabolic (muscle breakdown) process. Whatever your specific physical goals, it is therefore a good idea to supply your musculoskeletal system with plenty of BCAAs. The catabolic process is halted and your body has the essential amino acids it needs. In other words: BCAAs have an anti-catabolic effect: they help to prevent muscle loss.


The guarana plant has been used by the Guarani tribes of Brazil for its stimulant properties for millennia. One can of Sparkling Aminos contains 86 mg of caffeine. How does the caffeine content of coffee compare? A cup of coffee contains on average only 80 mg of caffeine per serving. The level of caffeine in tea is also interesting. Tea has a very similar caffeine content of around 85 mg of caffeine per serving. Tea and coffee are both usually hot beverages – which makes them less appealing before or after a workout.

And how much caffeine is in cola? Not nearly as much as in Sparkling Aminos: 33 mg per serving. But more importantly: Cola has a very high sugar content – not a great idea when you want to burn fat. Other commercially available isotonic drinks and sports drinks are also packed full of sugar.

Our Sparkling Aminos are made with the juice of harvest-fresh grapefruit and contain absolutely no added sugar.


Our Sparkling Aminos are basically great before or after any sports activity: They are great for weight lifting and endurance or team sports over an extended period of time. Caffeine delivers energy, grapefruit juice hydrates and BCAAs help to prevent muscle loss. The muscle-maintenance effects of BCAAs are particularly beneficial for endurance training, because energy is usually drawn from the glycogen stores in the muscles.
Once these supplies are exhausted, endurance athletes are at risk of losing muscle mass during extended times of physical stress. This may cause premature muscle fatigue and even lead to muscle cramps. Consuming Sparkling Aminos before training can delay this process. Endurance athletes will therefore be able for longer training cycles before reaching their physical limitations.


Sparkling Aminos are a great energy drink 30 minutes before your workout. They can also be used as an energy booster between meals. On non-training days, they are great first thing in the morning or on the go to ensure an immediate supply of essential amino acids for your day.
Due to the high caffeine content, we advise against drinking Sparkling Aminos before going to bed at night. Sparkling Aminos are also not recommended for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.


In general, there is no risk of possible side effects as long as the recommended dosage is adhered to. Anyone with a high sensitivity for caffeine should not exceed the recommended dosage of Sparkling Aminos and should avoid drinking them at night time. The right amount of caffeine will vary from one individual to the next. It is, however, important to know that unlike other sources of caffeine, the caffeine from the guarana plant develops its full effect around 30 minutes after intake. You should therefore never consume two cans in quick succession.
Overdosing on BCAAs is, however, virtually impossible. Any excess BCAAs the body cannot break down will simply be excreted via the urine.


Most BCAA drinks on the market offer the right ratio of the three essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. Some BCAA drinks may, however, contain smaller quantities of amino acids, or in different ratios: 4:1:1 or 8:1:1, which means a higher proportion of leucine. These ratios are stated only to pretend a greater effect on muscle performance. The 2:1:1 ratio will always be ideal and mirrors the ratio of amino acids in the human body.

The source of the amino acids is also very important. Many amino acids are sourced from low quality raw materials like duck feathers or human hair. The BCAAs in our Sparkling Aminos, however, are derived solely from plant sources. These offer excellent bio-availability and deliver genuinely valuable essential amino acids.

The same applies for caffeine extracts. Caffeine is often derived using some obscure processes and is then mixed in a sub-optimal ratio. The use of unsafe stimulants like taurine is not uncommon. Make sure your energy drink contains caffeine from natural sources to avoid unnecessary stress for your metabolism. Your workout drinks should furthermore not contain added sugars.

We here at foodspring only use top-quality raw materials for our BCAA drinks. You can buy Sparkling Aminos right here in our shop.

Frequently Asked Questions
What makes our Sparkling Aminos better than other BCAA drinks?

That's simple: more BCAAs, no added sugar, caffeine from guarana and no artificial flavourings. Other BCAA drinks add tons of sweeteners or sugar to cover up the bitter taste of the aminos. We have a better strategy than most: instead of trying to mask bitter with sweet, we use the juice of freshly harvested berries, peaches, or grapefruit. The result: a perfectly refreshing fruity taste experience.

What is the difference between Energy Aminos and Sparkling Aminos?

Sparkling Aminos and Energy Aminos both provide BCAAs for your muscles. But that's where the similarities end. Our Energy Aminos drink is a booster with plenty of beta-alanine and L-arginine to give your workout more zing. Mix the supplement powder in a shaker for best results. Our Sparkling Aminos are also ready to drink: each can contains 5.9 g BCAAs, delicious berry, peach, or grapefruit juice and caffeine. The ready-made pre-workout energy drink for your sports bag.

How do I get the best taste out of Sparkling Aminos?

Our Sparkling Aminos drink is ready to drink straight from the can. Perfect for on the go. We recommend enjoying our energy-boosting Sparkling Aminos chilled. A perfect, extra refreshing energy kick! The temperature of the can of Sparkling Aminos will, however, have no impact on the effectiveness of the BCAAs and caffeine.

How do I recycle the can?

Easy. Simply toss it into your blue bin. If you live in Germany, you can even get a small deposit for it at every large supermarket.

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