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  • Superfood Pack

    One pack. Many possibilities.

    UVP 62.96 € 52.99 €

    • Goji berry - the vitamin-rich power fruit
    • Organic Chia Seeds - valuable fatty acids, high-quality protein, essential trace elements
    • Mix Greens superfood - essential minerals & vitamins
    • Mix Berries superfood - a broad spectrum of essential antioxidants
  • Superfood Greens

    The natural detox powder

    19.99 €

    • 6 exquisite superfoods
    • Made in Germany
    • Essential minerals & vitamins
  • Organic white chia seeds

    The fitness superfood

    9.99 €

    • Perfectly satisfies your hunger
    • High in fibre and omega-3 fatty acids
    • Organic, vegan, gluten and lactose-free
  • Superfood Berries

    The natural antioxidant powder

    19.99 €

    • 6 exquisite superfoods
    • Essential minerals & amino acids
    • Made in Germany
  • Nuts & Berries

    Selected nuts & berries

    4.99 €

    • 100% organic
    • Superfoods, Brazil nuts, Iranian pistachios and more
    • Produced without irradiation
  • Organic goji berries

    The daily nutrient kick

    12.99 €

    • Premium goji berries from the Ningxia Highlands
    • Pesticide-free
    • Naturally sun-dried

What are superfoods?

Although the term “superfood” exists since the beginning of the 20th century, there has been no concrete definition for this to date. There is a general consensus that modern sports nutrition is characterised by a high density of important nutrients thereby surpassing regular food. This creates a diverse palette of nutritional wonders. There are several local and exotic foods available for purchase that meet these requirements ranging from the exotic and rare ingredients such as acai berries and chia seeds to broccoli and kale and even different types of nuts and seaweeds.

Buy superfoods - an investment in health

Natural, high quality and carefully produced food are rarely a regular part of our diet. This is why we combine the effectiveness of the highest quality green superfoods in our Superfood Mix greens for unique uses for your health. It supplies your body with important nutrients while also giving it a daily detox boost. The prepared mix can be easily used everyday and saves you complicated purchases and laborious preparation. Maximum utilization with minimum labour. Careful selection of raw materials and gentle preparation of ingredients guarantees the highest quality.  Even when we feed ourselves healthy food, reaching for fast food or frozen meals often save more time than a completely natural meal. The superfoods in foodspring’s shop are in the form of instant meals or are ready to eat . They are perfect alternatives for a healthy routine even when in a rush. Chia seeds, for example, with their high protein content and healthy omega-3 fats create a long-lasting feeling of fullness, while the vitamin-rich goji berries contribute to the vitamin and mineral balance without adding many calories. Dried fruits such as physalis and mulberries are rich in  antioxidants and reduce oxidative stress. That makes it especially of interest to health conscious people and athletes that want to recover quickly and be fit for the next workout.

Superfoods - easily utilized - optimally dense in nutrients

Simply having a good nutrition profile does not make something a superfood. Superfoods in the foodspring shop are also characterised by easy digestibility and a positive effect on the acid-base balance of our body. This earns them the label “Superfood” while also making them optimal for sports nutritionThe body must be in the position to work hard for effective fitness training. If it is over acidic or busy digesting a heavy meal, it lacks the energy required. Aside from work, training and free time, there is often no time for truly balanced and healthy nutrition that meets the needs of a vibrantly healthy lifestyle. The quick purchase of uncomplicated superfoods provides a simple remedy. Smartly produced superfoods from foodspring’s shop support you in the achievement of your goals without having to create an elaborate meal plan or spending hours in the kitchen everyday. They are easy to integrate into your daily routine and supply you with all essential macro and micro nutrients, without burdening the body. Everything that you need to supply you with maximum energy for your workout.

Natural Sports nutrition for maximum performance

This new sports nutrition is characterized not just by its optimal nutrient density but also the best digestibility. It invites us to return to natural foods in spite of modern demands. Although the colourful palette of superfoods is very large, they all have one common denominator: They are natural. The products on offer in the foodspring shop are made of premium raw materials of the highest quality, and these are certified organic raw materialswhenever possible. There’s no place for additives, separating agents etc. in our ingredient list.

How do superfoods work?

The exact means by which superfoods work cannot be generalized because of it’s enormous range, but is different from superfood to superfood. All superfoods, however, are characterised by maximum density and availability of important micro and macronutrients for optimal fitness and health. Natural sports nutrition thereby supports your fitness on all levels and is the perfect companion for increased vitality and health everyday. While nuts, when used sparingly, help with weight loss diets by keeping you feeling full longer, they are also suitable for providing the necessary calorie excess needed for muscle building thanks to their healthy fatty acids, high quality protein and their higher calorie content.  We will now give you an overview of the training goals these foodspring superfoods can be used to achieve.

Which fitness goals do superfoods support?

Superfood Vitamins Trace elements Carbohydrates healthy fats Protein Objective
Goji berries x x x x Recovery
Weight loss diet
White Chia Seeds x x x x Recovery
Weight loss diet
Muscle building
Nuts & Berries x x x x x Recovery
Weight loss diet
Muscle building
Mixed Berries x x Recovery
Mixed Greens x x Recovery

Use superfoods properly

Just as only regular training can bring success, superfoods also need to be a fixed part of your nutrition for it to have optimal effectiveness. You can benefit from their great variety here, which makes it easy to eat them distributed over the course of the day. If there’s a situation where there isn’t enough time for a meal, the foodspring mixes “Berries” and “Greens” add nutrition to a smoothie or can simply be mixed in water for a quick boost of vital nutrients. The Mixed Berries supply you with the best extracts from acai, pomegranates, acerola, goji and chokeberries before your workout. A small handful of goji berries in muesli, chia pudding for dessert in the afternoon and mixed greens in the evening to support the body in its recovery and cleansing with its bitter compounds and chlorophyll - that’s how easy it is to have a healthy day with superfoods from the foodspring shop.

Superfoods - different categories

Superfoods can occur in very different forms. You should look out for premium-quality, carefully-prepared superfoods. The superfoods available in the foodspring shop are just that. We classify superfoods into four main categories.

Leafy greens and algae

Classic dark green salads such as lamb's lettuce and spinach fall under this category. The exotic moringa tree and micro-algae such as chlorella and spirulina also far surpass our local vegetables. The moringa tree is one of the most nutritious plants in the world, with over 90 nutrients. Chlorella and spirulina are also significantly more valuable than commonly available food. Above all, they are rich in valuable chlorophyll, the substance that plants create during photosynthesis. Chlorophyll is responsible for a positive effect on cell regeneration and cleansing of the body.

Fruits and berries

Classic fruits and berries are often chemically modified today because of targeted breeding. In the foodspring shop, we only sell high-quality, natural berries. Goji berries, aronia berries and acai berries as well as physalis and sour cherries belong to this category and shine with their naturally high vital nutrient density in our Superfood Mix Berries as well as our Nuts & Berries.

Cruciferous plants

Well known vegetables such as broccoli, kale and other local varieties of cabbage share this unwieldy name. They contain glucosinolates that have been studied for their protective effect on cells. We combine broccoli and kale with spirulina, chlorella, moringa and ginger in our Mixed Greens. Optimal support for recovery and detoxification.

Which is right for you? Who are superfoods suitable for?

Superfoods in the foodspring shop are suitable for anyone who…

  • wants to elevate their fitness and health to new heights.
  • values a healthy diet and high-quality ingredients.
  • wants to benefit from the advantages of the most modern natural sports nutrition.
  • makes no compromises when it comes to the naturalness of their food.

Buying superfoods online - what to look out for

Superfoods are the latest trend in the world of functional nutrition. This has led to an increase in superfood suppliers on the market attempting to provide lower prices. This price war affects the quality of the raw materials used and results in inferior products. They are often heavily treated and therefore cannot realise their full action spectrum. Dried fruits in particular are often sulphured, treated with additives and release agents or heated to ultra-high temperatures for quick processing. This processing destroys the vitamin and mineral quantities in the superfoods.  This makes it important to pay attention to the naturalness and the manufacturing process of the products while buying superfoods. Air drying and selection of raw materials by hand are important quality features. Being certified organic guarantees that the product is also free from pesticide residues and chemical fertilizers. The valuable nutrients in dried fruits and nuts in particular suffer from chemical treatments and processing at high temperatures. This is why you will only strictly find certified organic nuts and berries that are handpicked in the foodspring shop. You can directly buy high quality natural superfoods online from the foodspring shop.

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