Lisa studied journalism and is a certified fitness and health trainer, as well as a meditation coach! She spent many years working for different lifestyle and fitness magazines, and she writes articles for us on the topics of working out, fitness, lifestyle and mind.

When everyone else is hitting the snooze button, Lisa’s already working up a sweat in the (home) gym. Sport is an essential part of her life every single day. Her favorites are strength training, HIIT and yoga. But her passion for fitness doesn’t stop at the edge of the mat. Lisa is also fascinated by learning. How does the body work? What happens mentally? How does muscle building happen? Why is regeneration so important? And what kinds of nutrition are really healthy and make sense?

This thirst for knowledge is a perfect fit for her other passion: writing.

“I have so much fun unpacking topics from sports science in a way that anyone can understand them and put them into use. If you know exactly what you’re doing in the gym, and why you’re doing it, you won’t just have more fun – you’ll see quicker results, too.”

Lisa stumbled onto her interest in meditation because balance is one of the most important things for her. She can recenter her energy after a tough workout, to start her day, or to switch off at the end of the day.

Lisa’s favorite foodspring products:

“Sometimes I think I invented the afternoon slump. The only thing that brings me out is something sweet with a power kick. My absolute favorite are the Protein Bars – better than any chocolate, and full of protein to boot! I just have to watch out not to eat the whole package at once.”


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